School of Business Faculty

School of Business Faculty and Staff

Image of Janine Keith Alon

Janine Keith Alon

Associate Director, Employer Engagement and Operations

Wesley J. Howe Center 0612
Image of Nancy Ancowitz

Nancy Ancowitz


Image of Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson

Teaching Associate Professor

Edwin A. Stevens Hall 401
Image of Zvi Aronson

Zvi Aronson

Teaching Professor

Image of Robyn Ashmen

Robyn Ashmen


Image of Soraina Baez

Soraina Baez

Budget Manager

Image of Ivan Bakrac

Ivan Bakrac


Image of Josa Balisi

Josa Balisi

Manager of Academic Operations

Image of Suman Banerjee

Suman Banerjee

Associate Professor

Image of Mansoor Basha

Mansoor Basha


Image of Selahattin Bekmez

Selahattin Bekmez


Image of Tal Ben-Zvi

Tal Ben-Zvi

Associate Professor

Image of James Biagi

James Biagi

Teaching Associate Professor

Image of Stefano Bonini

Stefano Bonini

Associate Professor

Image of Antonella Bove

Antonella Bove

Manager of Graduate Studies Administration

Image of Dragos Bozdog

Dragos Bozdog

Teaching Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratories (HFSL)

Image of Thomas Brantle

Thomas Brantle


Image of Pamela Burke

Pamela Burke

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Lisa Burns

Lisa Burns

CSS Graduate Academic Advisor

Image of Juan Cabrera

Juan Cabrera


Image of George Calhoun

George Calhoun

Director of the Quantitative Finance (QF) Program, and Director of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center (HFSC)

Image of Sequoia Canada

Sequoia Canada

Program Coordinator

Stevens University Seal

Brennan Casey


Image of Lisa Cavanaugh

Lisa Cavanaugh

Senior Coordinator of Center for Student Success

Image of Yan Chen

Yan Chen

Assistant Professor

Image of Donna Chlopak

Donna Chlopak


Stevens University Seal

Richard Cleary


Image of Martin Cohen

Martin Cohen


Image of Matthew Crane

Matthew Crane


Image of German Creamer

German Creamer

Associate Professor

Image of Misty Cribbin

Misty Cribbin

Senior Coordinator for Student Success

Image of Michelle Crilly

Michelle Crilly

Assistant Dean for Student Success

Image of Zhenyu Cui

Zhenyu Cui

Associate Professor

Image of Mahmoud Daneshmand

Mahmoud Daneshmand

Teaching Professor

Image of Khashayar Dehnad

Khashayar Dehnad


Image of Kosrow Dehnad

Kosrow Dehnad


Stevens University Seal

Erin Dempsey


Image of Vrinda Deva

Vrinda Deva

Manager of Corporate Outreach

Image of Anthony Diaco

Anthony Diaco


Image of Kimberly Ding

Kimberly Ding

Manager of Graduate Programs

Image of Peter Dominick

Peter Dominick

Teaching Professor

Image of Richard Dool

Richard Dool


Image of Sara Drishti

Sara Drishti

Coordinator - Corporate Outreach

Image of Joe Duncan

Joe Duncan


Image of Barbara Edington

Barbara Edington


Image of Zachary Feinstein

Zachary Feinstein

Assistant Professor and Director of the Fintech Certificate Program

Image of Ionut Florescu

Ionut Florescu

Research Professor

Image of Michael Frank

Michael Frank

Teaching Associate Professor and Director of the Master's Program in Information Systems

Image of Anthony Galante

Anthony Galante

Director of Finance

Image of Frank Gallucci

Frank Gallucci

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Pranav Garg

Pranav Garg

Assistant Professor

Image of Lawrence Gastwirt

Lawrence Gastwirt

Emeritus Director, Stevens Alliance for Innovation and Leadership

Image of Wajahat Gilani

Wajahat Gilani


Image of Dennis Glacken

Dennis Glacken


Image of Anand Goel

Anand Goel

Associate Professor

Image of Elizabeth Gomez

Elizabeth Gomez

Program Manager

Image of Yadilsa Gomez

Yadilsa Gomez

Coordinator for Corporate Programs and Special Events

Stevens University Seal

Mario Gonzalez-Corzo


Image of Mark Grochowski

Mark Grochowski

Videographer Photographer

Image of Arthur Guarino

Arthur Guarino


Image of Venu Guntupalli

Venu Guntupalli


Image of Michael Guthammar

Michael Guthammar


Image of Joyce Harris

Joyce Harris


Image of Lindsay Hartelius

Lindsay Hartelius

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Outreach and Reputation

Image of Emmanuel Hatzakis

Emmanuel Hatzakis

Teaching Professor and Director of the Masters Program in Finance & the Masters Program in Financial Engineering

Image of Jeffrey Hedrick

Jeffrey Hedrick

Assistant Dean of Operations and Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives

Image of Mark Hefter

Mark Hefter

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Erika Henik

Erika Henik

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Ting Yi Ho

Ting Yi Ho


Stevens University Seal

Theresa Howard


Image of Wayne Huang

Wayne Huang


Image of Dimitra Iordanoglou

Dimitra Iordanoglou

Visiting Scholar

Image of Sujatha Iyer

Sujatha Iyer

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Uyanga Jadamba

Uyanga Jadamba

Visiting Scholar

Stevens University Seal

Rashmi Jain


Image of Vasilis Katsikiotis

Vasilis Katsikiotis

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Amy Katzenback

Amy Katzenback

Assistant Director of the Center for Student Success

Image of Jonathan Kaufman

Jonathan Kaufman

Teaching Associate Professor

Stevens University Seal

Charles Koeller

Emeritus Professor

Image of Peter Koen

Peter Koen

Associate Professor

Image of Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Choudur Lakshminarayan

Choudur Lakshminarayan

Teaching Professor of Information Systems

Image of Robert Lazer

Robert Lazer


Stevens University Seal

Robert Lechich

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Thomas Lechler

Thomas Lechler

Associate Professor

Image of Chihoon Lee

Chihoon Lee

Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Image of Francis Lewski

Francis Lewski


Image of Michele Lewski

Michele Lewski


Image of Jingrui Li

Jingrui Li

Assistant Professor of Fintech

Stevens University Seal

Gerald Libby


Image of Aron Lindberg

Aron Lindberg

Associate Professor

Image of Jesse Lisnow

Jesse Lisnow

Operations Director for CRAFT

Image of Rong Liu

Rong Liu

Associate Professor

Image of Edward Loeser

Edward Loeser

Data Engineer

Image of Donald Lombardi

Donald Lombardi

Teaching Professor

Stevens University Seal

Yee Han Look


Image of Megan Maher

Megan Maher

Executive Assistant to the Dean of the School of Business

Image of Feng Mai

Feng Mai

Associate Professor

Image of Nicole Malantchouk

Nicole Malantchouk

Director of Corporate Engagement for the School of Business

Image of Alan Maltz

Alan Maltz

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Sasha Mastroianni

Sasha Mastroianni

Senior Communications Manager

Image of Rachel Mazara

Rachel Mazara

Program Coordinator, Graduate Technology Programs

Image of Caitlin McClure

Caitlin McClure


Image of Jesse Melchor

Jesse Melchor

Manager of Doctoral Program Administration

Image of Somayeh Moazeni

Somayeh Moazeni

Associate Professor

Image of Joseph Morabito

Joseph Morabito

Teaching Associate Professor

Image of Victor Moya

Victor Moya

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Brian Mueller

Brian Mueller

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Ann Murphy

Ann Murphy

Associate Professor

Image of Viswanath Narayan

Viswanath Narayan


Image of Pape Momar Ndiaye

Pape Momar Ndiaye

Teaching Associate Professor

Image of Emily Nguyen

Emily Nguyen

Graphic Designer

Image of Jeffrey Nickerson

Jeffrey Nickerson

Professor and Steven Shulman '62 Endowed Chair for Business Leadership

Image of Alison Nobile

Alison Nobile

Career Coach

Image of Hyewon Oh

Hyewon Oh

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Image of Julius Omelianuk

Julius Omelianuk


Image of Pallavi Pal

Pallavi Pal

Assistant Professor

Image of Alexandros Panayides

Alexandros Panayides

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Michael Parfett

Michael Parfett

Teaching Professor

Image of Jacques Pavlenyi

Jacques Pavlenyi


Stevens University Seal

Claribel Perez

Program Coordinator

Stevens University Seal

Diala Pharaon


Image of Dan Pirjol

Dan Pirjol

Teaching Associate Professor

Image of Kevin Pitts

Kevin Pitts

Director of Business Development

Image of Gregory Prastacos

Gregory Prastacos

Dean of the School of Business

Stevens University Seal

Anand Rai


Image of Richard Reilly

Richard Reilly

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Alexander Rodivilov

Alexander Rodivilov

Assistant Professor

Image of Kimberly Rodriguez

Kimberly Rodriguez

Program Coordinator

Image of Paul Rohmeyer

Paul Rohmeyer

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Brian Rothschild

Brian Rothschild

Assistant Dean and Senior Director of Management Programs

Image of Narcyz Roztocki

Narcyz Roztocki


Image of Allison Ruppino

Allison Ruppino

Corporate Outreach Manager

Wesley J. Howe Center 1113
Image of Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

Teaching Professor

Image of Joelle Saad-Lessler

Joelle Saad-Lessler

Teaching Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Image of Gaurav Sabnis

Gaurav Sabnis

Associate Professor

Image of Jacopo Saccheri

Jacopo Saccheri

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Patricia Saporito

Patricia Saporito


Image of Christina Sargiss

Christina Sargiss

Manager of Industry Capstone Program for the School of Business

Image of Ashley Scales

Ashley Scales

Program Coordinator Graduate Management Programs

Image of Alec Schmidt

Alec Schmidt

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Anshul Sharma

Anshul Sharma


Image of Ananya Sheth

Ananya Sheth

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Image of Majeed Simaan

Majeed Simaan

Assistant Professor

Stevens University Seal

James Smither


Image of David Stahl

David Stahl

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Robert Stein

Robert Stein


Image of Jordan Suchow

Jordan Suchow

Assistant Professor

Stevens University Seal

Yifei Sun


Image of Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Teaching Associate Professor of Fintech and Chief Research Officer of CRAFT

Image of Shobhit Thapar

Shobhit Thapar

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Kathleen Tizon

Kathleen Tizon

Administrative Assistant

Image of Jose Tribo

Jose Tribo

Associate Professor

Image of Kal Vadasz

Kal Vadasz


Stevens University Seal

Tameka Vasquez


Image of Alkiviadis Vazacopoulos

Alkiviadis Vazacopoulos

Teaching Associate Professor

Edwin A. Stevens Hall 402
Image of Ye Wang

Ye Wang

Assistant Professor

Image of Stephen White

Stephen White

Adjunct - WebCampus

Image of Beatrice Wilson

Beatrice Wilson

Associate Director of Accreditation, Data Analytics, and Operations

Image of Wing Wong

Wing Wong


Stevens University Seal

Jay Woodruff


Image of Ying Wu

Ying Wu

Associate Professor

Stevens University Seal

Te Wu


Image of Ryan Wynne

Ryan Wynne

Teaching Assistant Professor

Stevens University Seal

Jingyi Xie

Research Analyst

Image of Zheng Xing

Zheng Xing

Systems Administrator

Image of Bei Yan

Bei Yan

Assistant Professor

Image of Steve Yang

Steve Yang

Associate Professor

Image of Pamela Yong

Pamela Yong

Financial Accountant

Image of Wei Zheng

Wei Zheng

Associate Professor & Endowed Richard R. Roscitt Chair in Leadership

Image of Robert Zotti

Robert Zotti

Assistant Dean

Image of Michael zur Muehlen

Michael zur Muehlen

Associate Professor