University Policy Library

Welcome to the Policy Library of the Stevens Institute of Technology.

The Policy Library contains links to all University Policies currently in effect at the University.  University Policies seek to enhance the University’s mission while supporting its compliance with applicable laws and best practices.  Most University Policies have broad application throughout the University, and all Policies apply to operations and activities of the University, regardless of location.  Additional guidelines and policies with limited applicability may be found on the websites of various University departments (e.g., Office of Financial Aid, Office of Sponsored Programs, Division of Human Resources).
For information about the development of University Policies, please see the Policy entitled “Formulation and Issuance of University Policies.”
Questions about University Policies may be directed to the Office of the General Counsel or the Office of Risk and Compliance

Table of Contents

Academics Standing

Accessibility and Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities

Allocation of Cost of Graduate Student Compensation Policy

Allowability and Consistent Treatment of Costs

Alternative Work Arrangements Policy

Animals Used in Research and Teaching

Award Closeout Policy

Board of Trustees

Building Evacuation Policy

Business & Travel Expense Policy

Code of Ethics

Conflicts of Interest

Conscientious Employee or “Whistle-blower” Protection Policy

Consulting & Independent Personal Services, Honoraria and Miscellaneous Payments

Copyright Policy

Cost Share Policy

Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects

Discrimination, Harassment and Bias Incidents Policy

Distinction between Gifts and Sponsored Projects

Drone Policy

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Duty to Warn Obligation for New Jersey Licensed Health Providers at Stevens Policy

Effort Reporting

Employee Manual

Endowed Chairs and Professorships Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement

Facilities and Administrative Cost Waiver Policy

Facilities Usage Policy

Faculty Handbook

Fair and Equitable Treatment of Student Workers

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research

Financial Irregularities

Formulation and Issuance of University Policies

General Principles and Policy Guidelines for Sponsored Research

Gift Acceptance Policy

Graduate Academics

Graduate Admission Requirements

Guidelines and Procedures for External Peer Review of Academic Departments

Guidelines for the Review and Continuous Improvement of Academic Leadership

Hazing Policy

Human Subjects in Research

Imprest Cash Funds (Petty and Drawer Cash) Guidelines and Procedures

Information Security Policy

Information Security Appendix A

Information Security Appendix B

Institutional Base Salary Policy

Interdisciplinary Master's and PhD programs

International Students

Joint Appointment of Faculty Policy

Laboratory Notebook and Other Research Records

Legal Process and Document Preservation

Managing Program Income Earned on Federally Funded Research

Minors on Campus Policy

Non-Fraternization Policy

Patent Policy

Personal Transportation Devices Policy

Political Activities Policy

Prevailing Wage Act Requirements for NJEFA Funded Projects

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Privacy Policy

Probation and Dismissal

Procurement and Use of Stevens Cellular Devices

Procurement Manual

Procurement Policies

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Record Retention Policy

Research Data: Ownership, Collection, Retention, Access, and Transfer

Research Misconduct Policy

Research Proposal Submission

Research Relationship with Outside Entities

Security Camera Use

Service Centers

Smoking Policy

Stevens Computer Standardization, Procurement, and Replacement Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Conduct Process

Student Privacy Rights Policy (FERPA Policy)

Subrecipient Monitoring

Timekeeping Records for Hourly Employees Policy

Title IX Policy

Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures

University Subsidiaries, Technology Transfer and Joint Ventures

User Account and Data Retention Policy

Weapons on Campus Policy

Web Governance Policy

WebCampus Complaints Policy