Jingyi Sun (jsun54)

Jingyi Sun

Assistant Professor

School of Business


  • PhD (2021) University of Southern California (Communication)


Digital organizing dynamics, organizational ecology, social network.


2021 University of Southern California Ph.D. Communication

Professional Service

  • Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems Program committee
  • International Conference on Information Systems Associate Editor


2021- present Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Business
Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Professional Societies

  • AIS – Association of Information Systems Member
  • Academy of Management Member
  • International Network for Social Network Analysis Member
  • International Communication Association Member

Selected Publications

16. Choi, S.K., Liu, M., Sun, J., & Ke, M.H. (2023). Who benefits from directed communication? Communication directionality, network structures, and perceived social capital in an MMOG. Computers in Human Behavior.
15. Yang, A., Kim, H.M., Zhou, A., Liu, W., Huang-Isherwood, K., Jang, E., Sun, J., Lee, E., Zhang, Y., Dong, C., & Shin, J. (2022). Who says what in which networks: What influence social media users’ emotional reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine infodemic? Social Science Computer Review.
14. Li, Y., Bartley, N., Sun, J., & Williams, D. (2022). The larger, the fitter, the better: Clans’ evolution, social capital, and effectiveness. Internet Research.
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1. Curran, N. M., Sun, J., & Hong, J. W. (2019). Anthropomorphizing AlphaGo: A content analysis of the framing of Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo in the Chinese and American press. AI & SOCIETY, 1-9.


BIA660 Web Mining
BIA658 Social Network Analysis