Sibel Ozgen Novelli (sozgenno)

Sibel Ozgen Novelli

Assistant Professor

School of Business


  • PhD (2022) Florida International University (Management - Business Administration)
  • PhD (2010) Universidad Rovira i Virgili (Chem. Engineering)


Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Entrepreneurship

Institutional Service

  • Committee Member for the PhD Program Member
  • Faculty Ambadassor Member
  • Pre-College Program Instructor Member
  • Search Committee Member – Associate Director – Teaching and Learning Center Member
  • Search Committee Member - Tenure Track Faculty Position - Strategic Management 2022 Member
  • Admitted Student Weekend 2022 Member

Professional Service

  • The Center for Leadership in partnership with the Network of Leadership Scholars. Committee Member for Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Outstanding Dissertation Award for Research on Leadership, 2023


Assistant Professor of Management
Stevens Institute of Technology
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Leadership, Florida International University

Honors and Awards

2023 Nomination for the Best Paper Award, ICGS Conference

2023 Karen Legge Bursary Scheme, JIMS PDW Writing Workshop

2022 SIOP Conference Travel Award ($500)

Runner Up for Best Doctoral Student Paper - SMA 2021 Strategy Track

CIBER PhD Student Research Grant, FIU, 2021 ($2000)

CIBER PhD Student Research Grant, FIU, 2020 ($720)

APA Directorate Travel Grant for the Longitudinal Data Workshop, 2019 ($600)

Graduate & Professional Student Committee Travel Grant, FIU, 2019 ($444)

Southern Management Association Travel Grant for the Doctoral Consortia 2017 ($500)

Georgia Tech Honorarium for Computation Science Conference, 2016 ($1,900)

Center for Leadership at FIU Travel Grants ($10,000)

Selected Publications

Gajendran, R. S., Loewenstein, J., Choi, H., & Ozgen, S. (2022). Hidden costs of text-based electronic communication on complex reasoning tasks: Motivation maintenance and impaired downstream performance. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 169, 104130.

Simon, L. S., Rosen, C. C., Gajendran, R. S., Ozgen, S., & Corwin, E. S. (2022). Pain or gain? Understanding how trait empathy impacts leader effectiveness following the provision of negative feedback. Journal of Applied Psychology, 107(2), 279.

Ozgen, S., Lapeira, M., & Pissaris, S. (2021) I got this! Resource bundles and adversity: A situated entrepreneurial optimism perspective, Journal of Business Research, 136, 127-136.

Hiller, N. J., Sin, H.P., Ponnapalli, A. R., & Ozgen, S. (2019). WEIRDly unfamiliar: A multi-language meta-analysis of paternalistic leadership behaviors from 152 studies, The Leadership Quarterly, 30(1), 165-184.

Gajendran, R., Corwin, E., Simon, L.S, Rosen, C., & Ozgen, S (2022). Giving negative feedback can make empathetic leaders less effective. Harvard Business Review. January 2022.

Book Chapters:

Hiller, N. & Ozgen, S. Organizational agility and effectiveness. Senior Leadership Teams and the Agile Organization.

Mooney, A. & Ozgen, S. Executive digital savviness: a new concept for strategic leadership research. Handbook of Research on Strategic Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


MG 612: Leader Development
BT 301: Introduction to Strategy
BT 330: Org Behavior