Driven by Innovation

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We are a community of innovators, motivated by solving problems, compelled to advance technological progress and improve the lives and condition of our global society.

We are Inspired by Humanity, Powered by Technology™.

Technology at Our Core

Every program at Stevens is infused with technology, from our quantitative finance programs to our music and technology and arts and technology programs to all our engineering, science and computer science curricula. This “technology differentiation” is what distinguishes Stevens from other universities and what prepares our students for success in internships, cooperative education and careers.

Legacy of Innovation Lives On

Stevens has been defining the future for 150 years. Known as "America's First Family of Inventors," the Stevens family changed the face of American engineering forever, designing steamboats, locomotives, railroad tracks and a host of other technical innovations that powered a new nation.

Since then, Stevens has produced graduates that have invented IMAP, bubble wrap, the Gantt chart and the mobile.

Today, our students continue this legacy, taking on the challenges of a rapidly changing work and working across disciplines to create solutions from AI and fintech to nanotech and sustainability.

Student working on a project in a lab with his computer on his desk


iSTEM@Stevens is our novel, four-year entrepreneurship coaching program designed to transform budding talent into future leaders and game-changers.

Students having a conversation with President Farvardin.

The Lawrence T. Babbio '66 Pinnacle Scholars Program

The Lawrence T. Babbio '66 Pinnacle Scholars Program is an invitation-only program for the most academically talented undergraduate students who want to push the boundaries of their education even further.

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Launchpad@Stevens is a 12-month program that provides Stevens students with the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship and innovation by working with real-world entrepreneurs in building new technology-based businesses.


The Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies (CRAFT) is the first-ever National Science Foundation sponsored research center devoted to financial technology research and innovation.

Crafting the Future of Fintech

A national collaborative research center, CRAFT focuses on advancing fintech research with practical applications for industry partners.
Professor George Calhoun teaching a class in the Hanlon 2 lab.