Military Education and Leadership Programs

Military Education and Leadership Programs

Learn about the different Military Education and Leadership Programs.

U.S. Marine Corps Leadership Scholar Program

Stevens is a member of The U.S. Marine Corps Leadership Scholar Program, which helps exceptional Marines who want to pursue their education at highly selective schools after they transition out of the Marine Corps, with an emphasis on junior enlisted Marines. All Marines who are interested in Stevens can contact Dr. Lombardi directly at [email protected] as well as get prospectus information on this program at

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U.S. Army GRADSO Program

In partnership with the United States Army, Stevens is happy to announce that we welcome applications from all selected Army Officers for GRADSO and other graduate degree programs funded by the Department of The Army. Interested Army Officers should review the requisites of the Army Programs at and contact Ms. Amanda Mendez, Veteran and Military Counselor for Graduate Programs, at [email protected] for specific information about academic degree and professional certificate programs.

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Navy Nuclear Power/OCS

The United States Navy has a record of recruiting Stevens students to become officers in the Navy Nuclear Power Program and other Officer Candidate Schools. Given Stevens vaunted reputation in the essential areas of engineering, technology, data sciences and other critical fields, Stevens students aspiring to both serve their nation and continue their education and professional development are encouraged to visit the Navy website at and contact Dr. Lombardi for additional information.

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Air National Guard - Veterans

The New Jersey Air National Guard has enlisted a number of Stevens Students who serve their country in a reserve capacity while obtaining valuable experience and earning funds needed for their education. With several locations across the Garden State, more information is in the offing at

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Army National Guard - Veterans

Stevens students also have the opportunity to join the Army National Guard and enrich their co-curricular experience, earn reservist pay and serve their nation and The State of New Jersey on essential community projects, such as the staffing of Vaccine MegaSites in the war against COVID. Enlistment details are available at

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Coast Guard Reserve Program

A core component of the Department of The Treasury and an augmenting force of the United States Navy in times of crisis, The United States Coast Guard offers an array of reservist opportunities for Stevens students, especially in the areas maritime engineering, cybersecurity and applied technology. In addition to regular on-campus recruiting visits by Coast Guard Officers, information can be found at

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Marine Corps Officer Candidate Programs

Stevens has had a tradition of producing officers for The United States Marine Corps, thanks to the devotion of a number of undergraduate students who have successfully undergone summer or postgraduate training in the Platoon Leaders Class or Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Virginia. In addition to earning some unique summer pay and working towards a commission, these programs provide instruction in leadership, strategy and management. Detailed information can be garnered directly from Dr. Lombardi as well as visiting the site,

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Medical School ROTC

All three major branches of the Armed Forces – The US Army, The US Navy (which also provides medical service and healthcare support to the US Marine Corps) and The US Air Force have programs which fund qualified students who are interested in careers in medicine, dentistry and other medical professions. Your first step is to contact Dr. Lombardi for general information and to get direction on how to research specific opportunities, requirements and commitments relative to a specific program.

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