Arion Cheong (acheong)

Arion Cheong

Assistant Professor

School of Business


  • PhD (2021) Rutgers University (Accounting Information Systems)
  • MA (2017) University of Texas at Austin (Economics)
  • BA (2015) Kyunghee University (International Studies)

General Information

Arion Cheong received his Ph.D. degree in accounting information systems from Rutgers University. He also earned his master’s in economics from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree in international studies from Kyunghee University. Arion’s research focuses on the application of data analytics in accounting and the managerial implications of information technology. He has advised organizations to adopt audit data analytics, including the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) and AB InBev. He has published in the Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting, and the European Court of Auditors Journal.

Professional Service

  • Journal of Information Systems (American Accounting Association) Editorial Board
  • Bright Internal Global Summit (Association for Information Systems) Program Committee
  • Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) Program Committee

Selected Publications

Conference Proceeding

  1. Cheong, A.; Wang, T. D. (2022). The Invisible Risk: The Data-sharing Activities of Data Brokers and Information Leakage. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2021 PRE-ICIS SIGDSA SYMPOSIUM. Association of Information Systems.

Journal Article

  1. Cheong, A.; Duan, H. K.; Huang, Q.; Vasarhelyi, M. A.; Zhang, C. A. (2022). The rise of accounting: Making accounting information relevant again with exogenous data. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting (1 ed., vol. 19, pp. 1-20). Florida: American Accounting Association.
  2. Cho, S.; Lee, K.; Cheong, A.; No, W. G.; Vasarhelyi, M. (2021). Chain of Values: Examining the Economic Impacts of Blockchain on the Value-Added Tax System. Journal of Management Information Systems (2 ed., vol. 38, pp. 288-313). Taylor & Francis.
  3. Cheong, A.; Yoon, K.; Cho, S.; No, W. G. (2021). Classifying the contents of cybersecurity risk disclosure through textual analysis and factor analysis. Journal of Information Systems (vol. 35(2), pp. 179-194). American Accounting Association.
  4. Vasarhelyi, M. A.; Cho, S.; Cheong, A.; Zhang, C. (2020). Smart Audit: the digital transformation of audit. European Court of Auditors Journal (vol. 1, pp. 27-32).
  5. Brown-Liburd, H.; Cheong, A.; Vasarhelyi, M. A.; Wang, X. (2019). Measuring with exogenous data (MED), and government economic monitoring (GEM). Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting (1 ed., vol. 16, pp. 1-19). American Accounting Association.