Ye Wang (ywang15)

Ye Wang

Assistant Professor

School of Business


  • PhD (2020) University of Arizona (Finance)
  • MS (2013) University of Texas at San Antonio (Finance)
  • BS (2011) Shandong University (Economics/Finance)


Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Bank Debt, CEO compensation

Institutional Service

  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee - Business School Member
  • Faculty ambassadors - Business School Member
  • Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee Member
  • Strategic Planning Committee - Business School Member
  •  Institute Junior Faculty Board Member
  • School of Business Finance/Financial Engineering Brownbag Member
  • Finance PhD 2nd year paper Advisor Chair
  • MFIN Program Assurance of Learning Assessment Member
  • School of Business PhD harvest day organizer Member
  • Finance PhD 1st year-paper Committee Member Member
  • Finance Ph.D. Student First-Year Paper Advisor Chair
  • Finance Ph.D. Student Search Committee Member
  • Finance Search Committee Member

Professional Service

  • Financial Management Association International Session Organizer
  • Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Journal Referee
  • Financial Innovation Journal Referee
  • Managerial Finance Journal Referee
  • Emerging Markets Finance and Trade Journal Referee
  • Canadian Academic Accounting Association member
  • International Review of Financial Analysis Journal Referee
  • Journal of Accounting and Taxation Journal Referee
  • Journal of Financial Research Journal Referee
  • North American Journal of Economics and Finance Journal Referee
  • Financial Management Association Member
  • Eastern Finance Association member
  • Journal of Corporate Finance Journal Referee

Grants, Contracts and Funds

Center for Management Innovations in Healthcare (CMIH) 2019 Fall Research Grant

Selected Publications

[1] Mergers, Product Prices, and Innovation: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry (With Alice Bonaimé) Journal of Finance (forthcoming)
[2] Ni, X., Wang, Y. and Yin, S., 2021. Does Modern Information Technology Attenuate Managerial In-formation Hoarding? Evidence from EDGAR Implementation. Journal of Corporate Finance, 71, 102100.
[3] Wang, Y. and Yin, S., 2021. Hiring Retirement-age CEOs. European Financial Management, 27, 641-665.
[4] Wang, Y. and Yin, S., 2018. CEO Educational Background and Acquisition Target Selection. Journal of Corporate Finance 52, 238-259.


Corporate Finance (BT 321)
Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions (BT 440)
Research in Management (MGT 960)