Katia Meggiorin (kmeggior)

Katia Meggiorin

Assistant Professor

School of Business


  • PhD (2023) New York University (Strategy)
  • MS (2021) New York University (Strategy)
  • MS (2017) IE Business School (Management Science)
  • MA (2014) University of Amsterdam (Communication Science)
  • BA (2010) IULM University (Public relations and Advertising)


Professor Meggiorin's research focuses on the effect of regulatory uncertainty on digital platform markets, with a particular interest in the sharing economy (e.g., Airbnb, Uber, Turo). Specifically, she is interested in understanding the tradeoffs between the positive (e.g., increased consumer welfare) and the negative (e.g., Airbnb’s increase of real estate prices) spillovers to society of digital platforms as it is crucial for helping platforms owners plan their growth while also managing the changing regulatory environment.

General Information

Katia Meggiorin is Assistant Professor of Information Systems.


Katia Meggiorin received her BA in Public Relations and Advertising at IULM University (Italy), her Research Master in Management Science from IE Business School (Spain), and her Research Master in Communication Science from University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). She earned her PhD and Master of Phil. from NYU Stern School of Business.

Consulting Service

Professor Meggiorin is an ad hoc reviewer for Management Science, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Business Strategy and the Environment, and for the British Journal of Management.

Honors and Awards

2019 Business & Society Best Paper Award (Runner-up)
2019 Nominated for SMS Minneapolis Best Conference Paper Prize
2019 Nominated for SMS Minneapolis Best Conference PhD Paper Prize

Professional Societies

  • Strategic Management Society Member
  • Academy of Management Member

Grants, Contracts and Funds

NYU Fubon Center for Technology Doctoral Fellowship ($5,000)
Microsoft Fellowship for the Study of Future of Work and Organizations ($5,000)
NYU Center for Global Economy and Business ($3,000)

Selected Publications

- Illia, Laura, Colleoni Elanor, Michael Etter, and Katia Meggiorin "Finding the Tipping Point: When Heterogeneous Evaluations in Social Media Converge and Influence Organisational Legitimacy." Business and Society (2022).
- Illia, L., Etter M., Katia Meggiorin, and Elanor Colleoni. “From Micro-level to Macro-level Legitimacy: Exploring the Co-creation of Legitimacy Judgements at Meso-level” Chapter prepared for the RSO Volume entitled "Digital Transformation and Institutional Theorizing: Consequences, Opportunities and Challenges" (2022).
- Rietveld J., Seamanas R., and Katia Meggiorin “Market Orchestrators: The Effects of Certification on Platforms and Their Complementors.” Strategy Science (2021).
- Illia, L., E. Colleoni, and Katia Meggiorin. “How Infomediaries on Twitter Influence Business Outcomes of a Bank” International Journal of Banking Marketing (2020).
- Etter, M., E. Colleoni, L. Illia, Katia Meggiorin, and Antonino D’Eugenio. "Measuring Organizational Legitimacy in Social Media: Assessing Citizens’ Judgments with Sentiment Analysis." Business & Society 57, no. 1 (2018): 60-97.
- Romenti, S., C. Valentini, G. Murtarelli, and Katia Meggiorin. "Measuring Online Dialogic Conversations’ Quality: A Scale Development." Journal of Communication Management 20, no. 4 (2016): 328-346.
- Illia L., P. Bantimaroudis, and Katia Meggiorin. “Corporate Agenda-setting at the Third Level: Comparing Networks of Attributes in Corporate Press Releases and Media Coverage”. Chapter prepared for the edited Volume entitled “The Power of Information Networks: The Third Level of Agenda Setting” edited by L. Guo and M. McCombs (2015).


Management & Organizations (Winter 2021)