Veterans and Military-Connected Student Services

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With a strong commitment to our nation's veterans and their families, Stevens Veterans and Military-Connected Student Services offers maximum support and resources across a range of departments.

Since 1870, Stevens has been providing education ranging from the Navy Steamship Engineering School in WWI to a large contingent of officer leadership training in WWII, to engineering education during Korea and Vietnam. Since the re-activation of the Veterans and Military-Connected Student Services in 2009, over 300 veterans, current military members and children of current military have enrolled in Stevens classes at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The degree completion rate of this cadre has been 98.2%. Veterans and Military-Connected Student Services has specialists from education, finance, student support and administration that work closely with each and every veteran and military family member, and all four of the major services (Marine Corps, Navy, Army and Air Force) are supported in our community.

Veteran Programs

Stevens academic programs in engineering, technology, business and leadership collate closely with many military occupational specialty (MOS) areas.

About the Veterans Program

Stevens was one of the first universities is the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area to enter The Yellow Ribbon Program.
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Learn about the different Military Education and Leadership Programs

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Stevens actively and enthusiastically embraces a number of campus and community programs which contribute substantially to the mission of American Veterans and Military.

World War II Navy Engineers on Campus

Learn more about our extraordinary veteran and military-connected community and their accomplishments these articles.

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Veterans and Military-Connected Student Services
Veterans and Military-Connected Student Services
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