Attila mascot in front of Torch Bearers sculpture on campus

Development and Alumni Engagement

The Stevens community is a thriving network of innovators, including talented students, dynamic faculty and 50,000 alumni having an impact across the globe.

These proud alumni are skilled technicians, capable leaders and bold entrepreneurs. They foster lifelong connections with each other and their alma mater, support the professional aspirations of students today and after they graduate, and practice philanthropy that has an impact across the diverse community of their alma mater.

There are also numerous friends of Stevens, family members, and corporate and foundation partners who believe in the university’s commitment to being inspired by humanity, powered by technology.

Stevens is a university on the rise because of this engaged, dedicated and generous community that shows pride, cares for students, gives back and is always welcome at Castle Point.

Ducks for Life

Castle Point is where friendships are forged and startups are launched. Alumni rekindle that community whenever they welcome each other to new cities and embrace their connections to the university.

Get Involved

A stronger network of graduates connected to each other and campus increases the visibility and prestige of every Stevens degree.
Five young alumni smile at Alumni Weekend out in Hoboken

Make an Impact

Whether the gift is a student’s first, or a bequest honoring a lifetime bond, every gift provides a resource to enable student success, promote faculty excellence and create a vibrant campus.

Professor Ed Whittaker and Bill Warger ’03 in front of the Thorlabs Mobile Photonics Lab Experience
Alumni and Donors

In his new role as director of photonics education at Thorlabs, Bill Warger ’03 is giving high school and college students a hands-on introduction to the fascinating, growing field of photonics. In fact, he even helped create a mobile lab to take that message on the road.