Jorge Medina (jmedina3)

Jorge Medina

Senior Lecturer

School of Business

Edwin A. Stevens Hall 119C


  • PhD (2011) City University of New York Graduate Center (Economics)
  • BA (2004) Rutgers University-Newark (Economics)


Dr. Medina's research interests center around the field of applied microeconomics, especially health economics and the economics of equity and inclusion. His work explores substance use and abuse, inequalities in the labor market participation of LGBTQ+ individuals, and health consequences resulting from discrimination. He has also extended his research to the area of transportation and maritime economics to understand the effects of the Panama Canal Expansion on the import volumes of US ports.

Selected Publications

Medina, J. Forthcoming. "Measuring the Effect of Self-Reported Sexual Orientation on Earnings: Evidence from the General Social Survey. Review of Social Economy.

Medina, J. 2021. "Regional Effects of Perceived Risks of Harm on Cigarette Smoking among U.S. High School Seniors: Evidence from Monitoring the Future." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 18(17): 9120.

Medina, J., Jong-Ho Kim, and EunSu Lee. 2021. "Did the Panama Canal Expansion Benefit Small U.S. Ports?" Maritime Transport Research. 2: 100013.

Medina, J., Jong-Ho Kim, and EunSu Lee. 2021. "A Preliminary Analysis of U.S. Import Volumes and Regional Effects Associated with the Panama Canal Expansion." Research in Transportation Economics .84: 100969.