Technology With Purpose

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Technology, applied with purpose, has the power to transform the world.

From promising new classes of cancer medications to AI that detects falsehoods to 'green' filters that remove chemicals and poisons from drinking water, Stevens' research is making a difference to people and our world.

Close up of an electric car charging

Charging Forward in the Race to Design Stronger, Safer Batteries

Stevens researchers are exploring innovative new technologies that could produce safer, longer-lasting batteries for our devices and transportation

Powerlines in front of a blue and orange sunset

Greening the Grid

The power grids that light and power our homes and business are evolving to become more reliable and equitable. Stevens researchers are helping engineer that future.

Stevens professor Antonia Zaferiou with baseball research on a screen

Stevens Delivers New Pitching Research

Researcher, students unpack pitchers' biomechanics by analyzing data collected with MLB's support

IMPACT: The research publication of Stevens Institute of Technology

Cover of Spring 2023 issue of IMPACTSPRING 2023

* Smarter drones
* Safer bridges
* New insights on pitching mechanics
* More equitable AI
* Accelerating antibody development

More Research News

The Innovation Expo

This capstone event highlights the best of our students' ingenuity. Some projects lead to career connections and solutions for corporate partners, while others secure funding and launch companies.

Give it your best pitch

In 2023, the top team project took home a $10,000 prize for its winning pitch in The Ansary Entrepreneurship Competition.
Students explains his research at the Innovation Expo
Students listen intently to lecture.

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