The Sensor Technology & Applied Research (STAR) Center leverages existing research at Stevens Institute of Technology to identify new applications for sensor technologies, in addition to the development of new sensors and sensor integration.

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The STAR Center’s research focuses on the innovative use of various sensors in defense and security, healthcare, critical infrastructure and communications systems, among other areas. Bringing together a consortium of more than 60 researchers from across Stevens Institute of Technology, the STAR Center collaborates on and inspires new ideas, concepts and developments in sensors and networked sensing systems.  

The STAR Center conducts applied and basic research for a host of government and industry sponsors, and actively engages STEM-focused undergraduate and graduate-level students to build the skills and capabilities of the next-generation workforce. STAR also owns and uses a set of unique equipment, including RF spectrum analyzers, radars, drones, cameras, tracking devices, a laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) and various in-house underwater acoustic and air acoustic detection systems.

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