The MakerCenter is a collaborative design hub where students and researchers conceptualize and build prototypes, turning ideas into reality.

Our facilities house cutting-edge technologies and tools that today’s STEM students and researchers need to become innovators and leaders. At the MakerCenter, you can build physical systems in a functional and inspirational environment while gaining real-world experience. Our facilities provide services, equipment, and resources including 3D printing, quantum testing, machining, electronics, laser cutting, welding, etc.

If you can conceptualize it, you can create it at the MakerCenter.

MakerCenter Facilities and Services

The MakerCenter offers a variety of facilities and services to help you bring your project life.


Location: ABS Engineering Center, Room 104. Equipment provided: worktables, tools, fasteners, small 3D printing, soldering station, small machines

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MakerSpace in the ABS Building

Prototype Object Fabrication (PROOF) Lab

Location: Gateway South Hall, Room 139. Service provided: large or multi material 3D-printing

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sculptures and gadgets on a table

Quantum Space

Locations: Williams Library, Burchard Building, Babbio Center. Equipment provided: quantum networks, quantum chips, testing equipment

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abstract photo of quantum science

Machine Shop

Location: Davidson Lab, 2nd floor. Services provided: machining, fabrication

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blue lab machine

Electronics Shop

Location: Davidson Lab, 2nd floor. Service provided: electronics

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electronic chip

Welding Shop

Location: Davidson Lab, 2nd floor. Services provided: welding, fabrication

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welder working