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Center for Environmental Systems (CES)

The Center for Environmental Systems (CES) is dedicated to basic and application-motivated inter- and multi-disciplinary research aimed at creating basic scientific knowledge, advanced technology, and innovative management practices that lead to novel solutions for a sustainable utilization of our environmental resources.

CES assists industry, government and environmental service organizations by providing research, and testing services for development and implementation of innovative environmental technology. CES maintains and operates several state-of-the art facilities with a combined laboratory floor space area in excess of 18,000 square feet and equipment infrastructure valued well over $10 million.

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Our Research

The Center for Environemental Systems is generating new scientific knowledge leading to the creation of innovative technologies, sound environmental policy, and sensible resource management. Learn more about our areas of expertise.

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Education from Environmental Experts

The Center for Environmental Systems is a leader in providing environmental education at the graduate and undergraduate level through degree and certificate programs. Learn more about our academic programs.

Technology Development & Commercialization

The Center for Environmental Systems develops new and innovative environmental technologies in collaboration with industry, government, and environmental service organizations through the marketplace realization of home-grown environmental technologies (high-tech spin-off companies such as HydroGlobe and PlasmaSol).

Learn about how your organization can work with the Center for Environmental Systems.

Christos ChristodoulatosChristos Christodoulatos, Director

The Center for Environmental Systems is directed by Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering Professor Christos Christodoulatos. Since 2014, Christodoulatos has been leading a multi-million-dollar sustainability initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. Part of the Army’s Net Zero Initiative established during the Obama administration, the multifaceted, multidepartmental project aims to improve energy efficiency, water consumption and solid waste reduction at military industrial base facilities through sustainability best practices.