Research Computing Services

Overview & Vision

Image of individuals in a computer research labResearch Computing Services (RCS) at Stevens offer researchers centralized access to state-of-the-art technology, eliminating the need for extensive IT knowledge or investment in hardware. Stevens provides a comprehensive range of services, including high-performance computing, storage, network, and cloud computing, along with training and support. One IT team in collaboration with the Research computing committee, empowers researchers with personalized guidance and ensures equitable access to advanced computing technologies. 

  • Enable Stevens to attract and retain top talent by providing the necessary computing resources for pursuing innovative and groundbreaking research projects

  • Enable researchers to utilize state-of-the-art technology without requiring substantial IT knowledge or investment in standalone hardware

  • Provide research computing services to all researchers centrally  

  • Provide high performance compute (HPC), storage, network, cloud computing and other managed services including training centrally

  • Enhance both research activities and classroom learning

Research Computing Services

Research Computing Services is a centralized service managed by Division of Information Technology that will support Stevens’ research community, this service portfolio includes: 

Computing Services

Stevens High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster is designed to support the computational needs of students, faculty, and researchers across various departments within the university. This service is provided free of charge, based on a fair share usage to ensure equitable access for all users. Researchers have the option to request priority access to the cluster for a fee. Priority access provides enhanced resource allocation and faster job execution times. This option is particularly useful for resource-intensive computation and is recommended for all funded projects.  

Learn more about our High Performance Computing Clusters →

A secure and isolated environment is available for researchers with specific compliance requirements such as controlled unclassified information CUI, DOD and other government compliances needs.  

Storage Services  

The Division of IT provides multiple on-prem and cloud storage options. We can assist in the planning of the research data lifecycle and in selecting the appropriate storage option. Our team will work with the researchers in setting up data backups, security and retention.  

More information and details about our storage services will be coming soon!

Hosting Services

OneIT offers flexible server hosting options to support researchers specialized computing requirements. Our on-premises data center boosts comprehensive security and continuous monitoring that ensures a reliable and secure environment for research infrastructure. 

Software and Licensing Services 

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster offers the most widely used research software and compilers for multiple research needs. IT can assist with installation of non-standard software.  

Note: IT will not purchase licenses for researchers, we will only host previously purchased software.

Consulting Services  

IT provides multiple consulting services and partners with researchers on all levels of research computing needs.  

  • Grant writing assistance by identifying appropriate solutions and budget requirements.  

  • Onboarding help is available for compute resources and installation services for the frequently used applications.  

  • Guidance on security best practices and how to protect your research, including backups, is available.   

IT manages a secure, state-of-the-art data center with 24/7 monitoring on campus. Hardware hosting and installation services are provided to researchers at a cost. For more information submit a request to schedule time with an IT engineer.

Workshops & Training  

OneIT collaborates with vendor partners to provide training on various research computing topics available. More information on workshops and training is coming soon!  

Research Computing Services Governance

Image of research labThe Research Computing Committee will have a crucial role in formulating and executing a comprehensive research computing strategy, ensuring that researchers have the essential resources to pursue advanced research and innovation.

The committee will aim to accomplish the following goals:  

  • Advising of research computing strategy  

  • Resource allocation and proposal reviews  

  • Oversight of RCS in collaboration with IT  

  • Develop standards and best practices including chargeback model 

Research Computing Committee Members 





Tej Patel 


Information Technology 

Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer  

Muhammad Hajj 


School of Engineering and Science, Environmental and Ocean Engineering   

Chair, Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering   

Hammad Ali 


Information Technology 

Senior Director Infrastructure Services   

Professor Jason Rabinovitch 


School of Engineering and Science, Mechanical Engineering   

Assistant Professor 

Professor Johannes Weickenmeier 


School of Engineering and Science, Mechanical Engineering   

Assistant Professor 

Alyssa Hensley 


School of Engineering and Science, Chemical Engineering and Material Science   

Assistant Professor 

Pin-Kuang Lai 


School of Engineering and Science, Chemical Engineering and Material Science   

Assistant Professor 

Dragos Bozdog 


School of Business, Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratory  

 Teaching Associate Professor, Deputy Director Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratories   

Zheng Xing 


School of Business, Hanlon Financial Systems Laboratory 

System Administrator School of Business   

Marouane Temimi 


School of Engineering and Science, Civil Environmental & Ocean Engineering 

Associate Professor  

Kathrin Smetanna 


School of Engineering and Science, Mathematical Sciences 

Assistant Professor 

Josh Poinsett 


Information Technology 

Associate Director Systems Engineering and Cloud Computing   

Kurt Hockenbury 


Information Technology 

Senior Platform Engineer   

Project Highlights

Marouane Temimi
Enabling Flood Mitigation and Costal Dynamics Throughout New Jersey 

Researcher: Marouane Tamimi, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering, Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

Flood Advisory System to include real-time short-term forecasting of precipitation amounts and flood levels. This will improve preparedness and resiliency at critical infrastructure sites, including Port Authority sites and municipalities. The expanded system will use satellite data to develop data-driven, AI-based, short- and mid-range forecasts of atmospheric conditions, and will provide street scale flood nowcasts from fast developing thunderstorms.  

The enhanced capabilities of the HPC will also help address ongoing and future storm and flood hazard mitigation challenges across New Jersey, including beach erosion and compound flooding, and enhance the state’s resilience through risk-informed preparedness and planning. 

Jason RabinovitchFluid Dynamics  

Researcher: Jason Rabinovitch, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

In my group, we combine our interests in space exploration with fundamental computational fluid dynamics research. Some of our current research topics include investigating plume-surface interactions during powered descent of spacecraft, modeling supersonic parachute inflations, and modeling geophysical phenomena, such as the plumes on Enceladus or Yardangs on Earth and Mars. We use HPC resources and a variety of different modeling tools to run high-fidelity simulations to investigate all of these topics.

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