When it comes to your career and your dream job, business as usual just isn't enough. That's why you'll love it at Stevens.

You grew up surrounded by technology and its endless potential to enable discovery, creativity, entrepreneurship and connectivity. That sense of possibility is what the School of Business is all about. Whether your goal is to be a game-changer at a Fortune 500 company or to develop your entrepreneurial passion, our Hoboken, NJ, campus is where you'll find the inspiration you seek. You'll learn from professors whose research has created real innovation in the business world, and you'll be supported by your peers, whose enthusiasm and dedication will push you to excel.

Need more inspiration? Our panoramic overlook of New York City is breathtaking, but it's more than just a view. Recruiters, executives, entrepreneurs, alumni and other distinguished guests regularly cross the river to meet our students and understand the unique perspectives they bring to problem-solving — an important driver of the career success our graduates enjoy. And it's just a 10-minute train ride to the cultural capital of the Big Apple, so whether your passion is sports, music, museums, arts, theater or dining, you'll find it close by.

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Our students have big dreams about making their mark on the world. It's no surprise that after graduation, so many of them do just that.

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