The rise of new technologies and sophisticated analytical tools has forever changed the set of skills managers need to get the job done.

Today, it's data that drives the most important decisions, not intuition. That means you must be both a business leader and a creative technologist — someone who understands how analytics and data allow for improved efficiency, better decision making and rapid innovation.

Graduate programs at the School of Business are for lifelong learners aiming to combine their technical prowess with the analytical skills and business savvy needed to lead teams and identify new business opportunities. Our faculty are former Fortune 500 managers and passionate researchers who understand how to apply new ideas to solve vexing problems; through their guidance, you will become a critical thinker able to challenge established processes and nurture new products and innovations to market.

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Finance, high tech, pharmaceuticals, energy, media — wherever Stevens business alumni go, they are valued as leaders able to drive change through the use of technology and analytics.

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