Entering the accounting job market without having analytics skills on your résumé is an increasingly difficult proposition.

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The Accounting & Analytics major blends accounting basics with analytical courses in information systems, data visualization and more.

That’s why the Stevens Accounting & Analytics (A&A) major emphasizes the large and growing role analytics plays in this industry. Well before Stevens students sit for their CPA exams, they are taught the business and accounting fundamentals alongside the data analysis techniques demanded by employers. Stevens faculty work closely with big 4 accounting firms to ensure the curriculum aligns with real-world needs. 

Students complete the A&A major able to apply techniques in modeling, forecasting and data visualization to the traditional accounting skills set, making them highly desirable job candidates at both large and small accounting firms, and within the accounting departments of Fortune 500 companies. As the curriculum meets the requirements to take the CPA exam, Stevens puts students on the immediate fast track for success in this industry.

Top recruiters in accounting

The School of Business is well recognized as a leader in integrating technology and analytics into its curricula, which draws significant interest from employers. School of Business graduates are employed at each of the big 4 accounting firms, with EY and KPMG among the most active recruiters at Stevens. Additionally, as Stevens is so close to New York City, companies in many different industries recruit here to find the best candidates for internal accounting poitions. 

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