Undergraduate Business Programs

When it comes to your career and your dream job, business as usual just isn't enough. That's why you'll love it at Stevens.

You grew up surrounded by technology and its endless potential to enable discovery, creativity, entrepreneurship and connectivity. That sense of possibility is what the School of Business is all about. Whether your goal is to be a game-changer at a Fortune 500 company or to develop your entrepreneurial passion, our Hoboken, NJ, campus is where you'll find the inspiration you seek. You'll learn from professors whose research has created real innovation in the business world, and you'll be supported by your peers, whose enthusiasm and dedication will push you to excel.

Need more inspiration? Our panoramic overlook of New York City is breathtaking, but it's more than just a view. Recruiters, executives, entrepreneurs, alumni and other distinguished guests regularly cross the river to meet our students and understand the unique perspectives they bring to problem-solving — an important driver of the career success our graduates enjoy. And it's just a 10-minute train ride to the cultural capital of the Big Apple, so whether your passion is sports, music, museums, arts, theater or dining, you'll find it close by.


The practical business skills and analytical techniques Stevens students learn in class gives them access to high-profile internships where they tackle complex problems and walk away prepared for the challenges of the real world.

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Meet Our Alumni

Sheila smiling in a graduation cap

"I knew a degree in Business & Technology would always be in demand," Shelia says. Her degree prepared her for a high-profile role at Morgan Stanley.

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Stevens is where Marques – better known as MKBHD – truly began building a YouTube empire that would make him a top tech influencer.

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When her clients get nervous about digital transformation, Carolyn uses her Stevens lessons to help them create a smart strategy.

Stevens Business by the Numbers

Best Career Placement. The Princeton Review, 2023
of 2022 grads secured outcomes within 6 months
industry recruiters scouting students each year
Business Management Information Systems. USNWR '24
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Hanlon Financial Systems Center

The Hanlon Financial Systems Center is unique in a university setting for its use of the same technological tools used by major Wall Street firms. You can become a master in using the Bloomberg terminals and Wharton Research Data Services and gain valuable skills related to programming, databases, writing, parallel computing and more.

Students working together in the Hanlon Financial Systems Center


Investors, banking analysts, wealth managers, financial planners today rely on a new set of quantitative skills in playing the markets. At Stevens, the Student Managed Investment Fund is where tomorrow’s investment professionals perfect these techniques in preparation for rewarding careers in the fast-changing world of finance. In this two-semester course, students work as analysts, risk advisors, quants and, ultimately, leaders responsible for managing a portion of the university’s endowment.