Video Production

Our video production team captures captivating visual content and brings stories to life through the power of video.

Our dedicated team specializes in producing high-quality, 4K video content that spans a diverse range of university needs, from compelling marketing videos that showcase the university's essence, to engaging recruitment videos that resonate with prospective students, to impactful communications and public relations videos. We produce content for both internal and external audiences. 

Extensive B-Roll Library 

In addition to our custom video productions, we maintain an extensive library of B-roll content, including footage of our students, professors, classrooms, campus and  events.  

Always Ready to Capture Compelling Moments 

We are on a perpetual quest for visually compelling stories to tell. Whether it's an exciting event, an innovative research breakthrough or a heartwarming student achievement, our lens is always focused on capturing the essence of Stevens. Have an idea for something remarkable we should film? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

Your Content Matters 

We believe that the Stevens community is a wellspring of creativity. If you've captured a moment or an event that you think would resonate with our audience, we welcome user-made content submissions. Your unique perspective can help us showcase the diverse tapestry of life at Stevens. 

Join us in celebrating the power of visual storytelling. 

Video Production Showcase