The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Ocean Engineering Seminar Series is open to anyone on the Stevens campus. The seminars are held in person or live webcast via Zoom. Details about upcoming seminars are below.

Fall 2023 Seminar Schedule

September 20

Kyle Mandli, Columbia University

Multi-Scale Storm Surge Prediction for High-Resolution Forecasts and Climate Scenarios

September 27

Branco Glisic, Princeton University

Advanced Technologies and Data Analytics for Transformative Strain-Based Structural Health Monitoring

October 4

James M. Ricles, Lehigh University

Real-time Hybrid Simulation and its Applications for Enhancing Resiliency Against Multi-Natural Hazards

October 11

Naresh Devineni, CCNY

Climate-Induced Hazards: Prospects for Modeling Multiple Hydro-Climatic Attributes and Portfolio Risk

October 19

Tribikram Kundu, University of Arizona


October 27

Zongjin Li, University of Macao


November 1

John Dzielski, Stevens Institute of Technology

Modeling the Dynamics of the American Football

November 8

James Shope, Rutgers University


November 15

Amro Farid, Stevens Institute of Technology


November 28

Tori Johnson, US Naval Academy


December 6

Pierre Gentine, Columbia University


Past Seminar Series Speakers

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