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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Aims to Shape Future Research in Data Science

Program Leverages Stevens' Institutional Strengths in Business, Computer Science

Any conversation about the future of business inevitably turns to the continuation of the digital revolution — how concepts like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management and computational systems will shape the workplaces of tomorrow. But despite the race to bring A.I. to the forefront of business, there remains an alarming shortage of thought leaders capable of studying, understanding and applying advances in data science in practical ways. 

That need drove Stevens Institute of Technology to launch a doctoral program in Data Science. And while it’s not the only program of its kind exploring this discipline, it is unique for its orientation. This program is housed in both the School of Business and Stevens’ Schaefer School of Engineering and Science. 

Headshot of Dr. Ted Stohr.Dr. Ted Stohr.

“The interdisciplinary nature of this program ensures students develop the foundational strengths in computer science that are so close to the core of our engineering school,” said Dr. Ted Stohr, director of the program. “But uniquely, there is also the strong business perspective that comes from faculty here in the School of Business. So you learn to become a thought leader in data science, but you also get the practical, problem-solving perspective the market is so desperate for.”

The program includes flexible concentrations that allow students to pursue areas where industry need — and Stevens’ research expertise — is strongest. Students can choose to specialize in financial services or life sciences; alternately, they can work with their faculty advisor to develop a concentration of their own. 

“The small size of our Ph.D. program creates a nurturing environment between advisor and student,” Dr. Stohr said. “It also means students can approach any of our researchers for advice and input that can be useful to their careers, whether in academia or industry.”

Stevens also is home to high-tech lab facilities and centers that enable groundbreaking research and foster interdisciplinary partnerships that strengthen research focus and outcomes. The new Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence is a hub for researchers working in A.I., statistical modeling, computational systems and other related fields. And the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, with its incredible data analysis and visualization capabilities, is unique for the collaborative research and teaching technologies housed within. 

“Data science is America’s hottest job,” Dr. Stohr said. “And we’re confident we’ve created a program that will empower data scientists to create meaningful research that advances knowledge in this discipline.”

Ph.D. in Data Science 'America's Hottest Job' Hanlon Financial Systems Center