Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic in business and science, yet there’s a shortage of thought leaders capable of studying, understanding and applying advances in A.I. and machine learning in practical ways.

At Stevens, the interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Data Science prepares inquisitive students to become pioneers in this space through a rigorous curriculum emphasizing mathematical and statistical modeling, machine learning, computational systems and data management. The program is administered through both the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science and the School of Business at Stevens, ensuring a diverse curriculum that responds to demand for data scientists with extensive knowledge of the theories, techniques and applications associated with data and artificial intelligence. Graduates become research leaders in academia or industry, where they lead the organization’s forays through the data revolution and into the age of A.I. and machine learning.

Doctoral concentrations

Students in the Data Science program choose one of the available concentrations or, working closely with their faculty advisor, create a custom concentration of their own.

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Financial services

The data-driven disruption in finance continues to be the story of the industry. Topics covered in this concentration are focused on creating opportunities in robo-advising, financial innovation, portfolio optimization, fraud detection and beyond through careful study of topics like data visualization and analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and text mining.

Financial Services curriculum
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Life sciences

The use of data science techniques is increasingly helping researchers unlock new discoveries in the traditional sciences. This concentration prepares you to solve problems through analysis of experimental, drug performance and patient data and techniques such as statistical modeling, data management and machine learning.

Life Sciences curriculum

High-tech labs power impactful research

To be a thought leader in data science, you must be an excellent researcher. At Stevens, you'll work in high-tech labs and with faculty in world-renowned centers to prepare you for career success.

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