Cloud Storage Service Consolidation

Stevens currently has four storage platforms for users - Google, Storage01, Box, and Microsoft 365. With Storage01 being decommissioned and Google changing their licensing structure to no longer provide free storage, Stevens is moving to Microsoft 365 as our primary cloud storage solution for sensitive and restricted data.

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Information Security

Technology impacts nearly all aspects of our professional and personal lives today, and our user accounts are the basic mechanisms that safeguard our online access. It is vitally important to realize these two basic facts: Everyone is the target of hackers, and no one is immune from cyberattacks.

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Project Management Office

The One IT Project Management Office (PMO) champions consistent project management practices which helps Stevens Institute of Technology fulfill its mission and strategic goals. The mission of the One IT Project Management Office (PMO) is to intake and execute a technology portfolio of initiatives and projects. The PMO’s primary responsibility is to ensure that projects are completed within scope, budget, and on schedule.

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Video Content Management System with Panopto

Stevens has partnered with Panopto to bring a new Video Content Management System (VCMS) to campus. Panopto is a cloud-based video management platform which allows you to create, edit and share video content. VCMS with Panopto is available to all students, faculty and staff and will be fully integrated into both Canvas and Zoom.

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Zooming Ahead: The Campus Phone Upgrade

Stevens is moving to Zoom Phone, a cloud-based telephone service, to provide more flexibility, mobility and privacy to the campus community. Zoom Phone will be a new feature added to the Zoom application you’re already familiar with. Stevens faculty and staff can make telephone calls from the Zoom application using Zoom Phone, using your existing Stevens phone number.

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Need IT Support?

Get support through our self help resources, contacting IT support or visiting TRAC.