Cloud Storage Service Consolidation Initiative

Project Background

Stevens currently has four storage platforms for users - Google, Storage01, Box, and Microsoft 365. With Storage01 being decommissioned and Google changing their licensing structure to no longer provide free storage, Stevens is moving to Microsoft 365 as our primary cloud storage solution for sensitive and restricted data.  

Microsoft OneDrive (5TB per user) and SharePoint should be utilized for sensitive and departmental data, but Google (10 GB per user) will still be available for non-sensitive data. Please be aware that copyrighted material (torrents, movies, music, etc.) should not be stored on any Stevens provided storage platform. 

Moving to OneDrive and SharePoint for cloud storage leverages the University’s strategic partnership with Microsoft to provide the same capabilities as Google and Box while also enabling seamless integration with other powerful Microsoft 365 collaboration tools like Teams and Canvas. 

Project Timeline

Timeline of Cloud Storage project

Learn more about how to utilize Microsoft OneDrive & SharePoint

Moving to Microsoft

Training Resources

Stevens Specific Microsoft Led Trainings

Microsoft is leading the following trainings for the Stevens community to help familiarize users with specific Microsoft tools. Visit the Division of IT training page to view a list of upcoming trainings led by Microsoft that are for Stevens faculty and staff only.

Public Microsoft Trainings 

Visit the Division of IT training page to view a list of upcoming trainings led by Microsoft that are open to the public.

Virtual Support Office Hours 

The Cloud Storage project team will be hosting virtual support sessions to answer any questions you may have about OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, Google and more.  

Thursday February 23, 2023, from 11-11:30am 
Tuesday February 28, 2023, from 9:30-10am 
Wednesday March 8, 2023, from 2-2:30pm 
Monday March 13, 2023, from 2-2:30pm  

Click here to join a support session 

Department Specific Training 

Request a training session for your department by emailing Maryam Mirza. The IT team will be in contact about how we can support you and provide the necessary training to your unit. 


Should you need technical support please submit a ticket on the IT Support Portal or email [email protected]. For additional concerns surrounding the Cloud Storage project, please contact Maryam Mirza.

Need IT Support?

Get support through our self help resources, contacting IT support or visiting TRAC.