2023 TechPulse Report

computer CPU with glowing "AI" on it.

The third annual TechPulse Report compared trends longitudinally with Stevens’ previous TechPulse survey completed in 2021 and polled new questions specifically on Americans’ perceptions of generative AI, which has increased in popularity and controversy recently. 

 Main finding: Despite adult’s knowledge of AI and perceived daily interactions with it remain unchanged after two years, Americans have become significantly more wary about AI’s impact on everyday life. Since 2021, adults are now 10 percent less likely to believe that the positives of AI in everyday life outweigh the negatives – a stark reversal from only two years ago.

AI Research at Stevens

Man standing in front of board full of post-it notes

Better brainstorming, powered by AI

Stevens is part of a four-university team unveiling a new GTP-powered AI to suggest interesting and unexpected story angles to reporters

Stevens Professor Brendan Englot testing an underwater robot

Call Him 'Mr. Robot'

Brendan Englot's insights on the convergence of AI and the Stevens Institute of Artificial Intelligence

An abstract graphic featuring food and analytics

Stevens Professor Leverages Power of Artificial Intelligence to Make Sense of Medical Data with the Goal to Improve Human Health  

A Stevens professor is utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to interpret medical data with the ultimate aim of enhancing human health outcomes