2024 TechPulse Report

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Stevens Institute of Technology’s fourth annual TechPulse Report compared trends identified in its surveys from 2021 and 2023 to gain a deeper understanding of Americans’ perceptions of generative AI.

Main findings: Though more American adults say they are using generative AI, they also increasingly believe it is not well regulated. Many have concerns about the risks of its use, though not all sectors of public life are viewed with equal wariness.

AI Research at Stevens

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Artificial Intelligence Research Pillar

Stevens Institute of Technology is exploring the leading frontiers of AI-powered technologies and applications to help make our lives safer, healthier, more sustainable and more enjoyable.

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Safer Bridges, Through Smarter AI

Stevens co-develops method that integrates relevant data from multiple sources, learning and analyzing with more predictive power

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Exposing — and Eliminating — the Hidden Biases in AI

Computer scientist Jia Xu works to pinpoint, analyze and remove potential sources of bias from the AI systems that approve or deny our mortgages, recommend jail sentences for criminals and more