2021 TechPulse Report

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The initial TechPulse Report focused on issues related to AI, such as the public’s concerns over its applications; misperceptions of what AI does and does not do; its role in the country’s infrastructure and in the workplace; and what consumers “trust” AI for…and what they do not.

The survey revealed that while American had numerous concerns about the harm the technology is doing now and could do in the future to individuals and society, many believed there was more of an upside than a downside to the growing use of AI. 

In the Media

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A new poll about Americans' attitudes toward AI shows deep ambivalence about what the technology will do to their lives.

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New Jersey Digest

The Stevens TechPulse Report examined perceptions on artificial intelligence. See the results and decide for yourself: is AI a friend or foe?

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A new report from Stevens Institute of Technology finds that Americans believe artificial intelligence is a threat to democracy, will be smarter than humans and overtake jobs.