2022 TechPulse Report

person walking in a field with solar panels

The second annual TechPulse Report examined Americans’ attitudes toward green energy and their likelihood of adoption against their motivations. The green energy survey revealed that in 2022, more than half of Americans said the long-term benefits of green energy outweighed the cost, but only one-third were willing to pay more. 

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The climate bill aims to help lower-income Americans electrify their homes and cars. Here's why experts say it will work

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Whether they identify as evangelists, promoters, passives or detractors of green energy, few Americans are willing to pay more to adopt

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A recent Stevens TechPulse Report from the Hoboken university "highlights the tremendous progress made in sparking public interest, but also exposes the bigger challenge that lies ahead - converting that momentum into tangible action," according to Assistant Professor Philip Odonkor.