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School of Business - Corporate Education And Professional Development

Get your master's degree at the office

Stevens School of Business brings graduate-level classes to a number of corporations. These onsite programs foster tight bonds between colleagues, who take classes as a cohort in the comfort of their worksite and reflect the relevant teachings and applied methods that help Stevens alumni confidently address complex challenges and drive change on an enterprise-wide level.

  • Discounted: A generous discount program — offered at no cost to the employer — puts our certificates and advanced degrees within easy reach of aspiring managers.

  • Customizable: While the foundational degree requirements are constant, each corporate program is customized to meet the demands of the business. The cohort experience helps students forge deeper relationships as they work together in a learning environment.

  • Quality: Stevens School of Business deploys its own faculty to deliver a quality corporate education experience. Stevens School of Business is ranked among the top 20 Business Schools in the Northeast by U.S. News and World Report in 2024.

  • Convenience: Stevens School of Business corporate programs are offered onsite, on-campus, and online.

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Degree options

diverse group at officeMaster's Degrees

Master's programs at Stevens strive to create immediate value for students through curricula that emphasize practical, hands-on instruction and opportunities to apply classroom learning to simulated problems. The complete list of graduate degree programs offered by the School of Business includes programs in Big Data and business intelligence, finance, and information systems management, alongside MBA and EMBA degrees. Many Stevens degrees can be earned fully online, without needing to visit the Hoboken campus.

Graduate Certificates

The School of Business also offers a complete suite of four-course graduate certificates that provide an in-depth introduction into some of the most in-demand areas in business, such as marketing analytics, project management and business process management. Each certificate also can be applied to a full master’s degrees at Stevens.

Workshops And Boot Camps

Stevens offers a number of professional development workshops in areas such as technical and transformative leadership and Big Data. In addition, Stevens provides comprehensive software training in its high-tech financial systems lab to demonstrate the use of Python, Hadoop, R, SAS and NoSQL, among others, and their applications in business. Email [email protected] for more information.

Leadership Development Programs

The School of Business offers leadership development programs that have helped professionals in aerospace, energy, defense, healthcare and other industries understand their unique leadership styles — giving organizations the tools to build effective leadership from within.

Become a change leader

Anagha Yerande, '21 MS Technology Management, earned a master's degree through a corporate partnership program while working full-time at JP Morgan & Chase.

Fifteen years into her career, Anagha Yerande, who was an associate product manager at JP Morgan Chase & Co. wanted to keep up with the rapid changes affecting the financial industry. “Even though I had two master’s degrees, when I saw that Stevens was coming to JP Morgan, I thought why not take this opportunity?" Anagha was eventually promoted to vice president. >> Full story

Corporate Education Partners

Stevens has partnered with these corporations to bring master's level classes into the office.

FAQs For Students

Will faculty come to my workplace?

Stevens makes its corporate education programs as flexible as possible. A range of delivery options is available to suit the scheduling needs of businesses and their employers:

  • Onsite. Stevens faculty travel to your corporate office. Course dates and times are arranged according to the organization’s preference. Synchronous online delivery is possible at additional corporate locations.

  • Online. An immersive education experience is available exclusively online through Stevens’ award-winning distance learning platform.

  • Hybrid. Stevens will work with your organization to develop a combination of in-person instruction at your corporate site and online lessons that can be taken at students’ convenience.

What support does the university offer to corporate students?

The School of Business is committed to working with your organization to design programs that are best for your company and employees. In addition, the Stevens Center for Corporate and Professional Education provides a single point of contact for all processes to support corporate students, from application and enrollment through graduation.

Are discounts available for corporate students?

Yes. The Stevens Partners Program, a no-cost program for companies, offers tuition discounts for corporate students. For more information, contact [email protected].

FAQs For Corporations

What are the requirements for a corporation to set up a course or program?

Typically, 12 participants are required for an individual course. For a certificate or degree program, between 15 and 20 participants are required.

How can I ensure Stevens programs suit the needs of my business?

Stevens will work with your company to design the most relevant program for your organization. Considerations include the number of participants, student backgrounds and levels of experience, organizational goals, cost (including tuition assistance programs), scheduling balance — including expected impact to both work and personal time — program duration, and location.

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