Changes Announced to Systems Analytics Master's Program

Stevens’ School of Systems and Enterprises has enhanced its Master of Engineering program in Systems Analytics to optimally prepare its students in the rapidly growing area of analytics within technology while maintaining the systems-based approach that defines all the school’s prestigious academic offerings.

Specifically, the M.Eng. in Systems Analytics curriculum has added EM 624 (Data Exploration and Informatics for Engineering Management) as a required core course, while adding EM 626 (Applied AI & ML for Systems and Enterprises) and EM 633 (Decision Sciences and Data Analytics in Healthcare) as optional core courses that comprise the six required core courses (18 credits).

"These additions strengthen the Systems Analytics program with a more innovative approach that better reflects the modern analytics industry," said Carlo Lipizzi, program director for Systems Analytics. "It remains a curriculum rooted in systems thinking, but one that focuses on modeling decision-making techniques and their impact on enterprise effectiveness. I’m excited to oversee the implementation of these positive changes."

Systems Analytics master’s students will receive a hands-on education that will give them the knowledge to:

  • Understand data mining and knowledge extraction from data and text

  • Understand and apply machine learning methods

  • Make decision analysis for systems engineering

  • Understand and apply network analysis

  • Manipulate data and visualize data for improving systems

  • Generate data-driven representations of complex systems

  • Apply systems analytics to key vertical domains

In addition to the six core courses, students are encouraged to take an integrated four-course sequence leading to a graduate certificate for the four electives, or choose the electives from the course catalog. All elective courses must be approved by an advisor.

Systems Analytics is one of five graduate programs offered by the School of Systems and Enterprises, which also offers master’s degrees in Systems Engineering, Engineering Management, Software Engineering and Space Systems Engineering. SSE also offers three undergraduate majors and three doctoral programs.

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