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School of Systems and Enterprises Doctoral Programs

The programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree are designed to develop the student’s ability to perform research or high-level design in Systems Engineering, Engineering Management and/or Socio-Technical Systems.

Doctoral Programs Overview

  • The Ph.D. degree program in Systems Engineering is designed to develop the ability of the student to perform high-impact research and high-level design that will contribute significantly to the advancement and growth of the field of systems engineering.

  • The Ph.D. degree program in Engineering Management trains students to become successful researchers, practitioners and educators in the management of engineering and technology.

  • The Ph.D. degree program in Socio-Technical Systems trains students to understand and develop solutions for problems involving systems and enterprises that are socio-technical in nature (e.g., including the human element in understanding the qualitative and quantitative process of evolving the enterprise/system).

Read the SSE Ph.D. Handbook for all pertinent information regarding these programs.

SSE Doctoral Programs

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Engineering Management

The Engineering Management Ph.D. program prepares students to perform the compelling research and high-level design that will advance the field of engineering management across areas such as as finance, manufacturing, public policy and the service sector.

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Systems Engineering

The Ph.D. program in Systems Engineering prepares students to become systems thinkers who, through exploring the synergism of engineering, systems and management, learn to assess challenges from all angles and create elegant solutions to enterprise-wide problems.

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Socio-Technical Systems

The Ph.D. program in Socio-Technical Systems is the first and currently the only such degree in the U.S. that trains those seeking to study new systems-centric paradigms for the 21st century. It is similar to the Ph.D. in Engineering Systems at M.I.T.