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School of Systems and Enterprises Undergraduate Programs

To design, develop and maintain complex 21st-century systems, the world needs big-picture thinkers with engineering acumen, creativity and managerial ability. These technical leaders of tomorrow are trained at the School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE).

SSE's undergraduate programs, including its nationally ranked Industrial & Systems Engineering program, sit at the dynamic intersection of technology, management and real-world application to provide the technical training that students need to address tomorrow's global challenges in research and development, policy and strategy, and innovation in academia, business and government.

Whether you aspire to transcend organizational and cultural boundaries or entrepreneurially create complex technology solutions, an undergraduate education from Stevens' School of Systems and Enterprises will put you on the path to success. Our programs, highly relevant in today's competitive market, are led by faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields. You can expect to receive a world-class, practice-based and research-supported education that provides you with the multidisciplinary perspective needed to excel in your field of interest. Additionally, through the sponsored Senior Design program, you have the opportunity to gain "real-world experience" by working on industry sponsored consulting, entrepreneurial and product development projects.

SSE Undergraduate Majors

Students and a faculty member review information on a presentation screen in the immersion laboratory.

Engineering Management

Engineering Management combines a strong engineering core with training in data analysis and visualization, process and project management, engineering design, systems integration, and managerial economics.

Instructor teaches small class in front of immersion wall of data

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) prepares you with cross-disciplinary, "big picture" systems perspectives and knowledge to engineer, develop and maintain complex systems in multiple industries.

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Software Engineering

SSE's Software Engineering bachelor's degree program provides students with a rigorous general engineering undergraduate education with depth in software engineering and systems engineering principles.