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Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Management

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Bachelor of Engineering


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Organizations today need technical leaders who have a wide range of knowledge and expertise in engineering, technology and business operations. As one of the first universities in the world to offer an engineering management (EM) program, the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in engineering management degree at Stevens prepares students to be successful leaders in the technology driven industries that are the main stay of the 21st century economy.

Through an integrated curriculum taught by an award-winning faculty, the engineering management bachelor's degree program combines a strong engineering core with training in data analysis and visualization, process and project management, engineering design, systems integration, and managerial economics. The program prepares students for careers that involve the complex interplay of technology, data, organizations and economics. Students are empowered to become decision makers who are able to engineer solutions for complex management problems.

The program offers students with ample opportunities to work on 'real-world' assignments, and gain practical experience through the cooperative education program and the senior design project. During senior year, students are eligible to take the Engineer In Training (EIT) exam. Upon graduating, students are well prepared to work effectively at the interface of engineering and management and have the necessary skills to develop and lead high-quality, cost-efficient, technically complex systems, products and process. Our graduates are highly successful in securing top positions in high technology domains such as financial services, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, construction, information technology, consulting and healthcare.

An ABET Accredited Program

This undergraduate program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

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Message From the Director

Dr. Kathryn Abel, Undergraduate Engineering Management Program Director

"The engineer's role has changed from performing solely technical operations to being involved in the integration of engineering, technology and business operations. The engineering management discipline fills this critical education need by graduating engineers who understand the increasing demand for efficiency, effectiveness and integration in engineering and business operations across varied industries.

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