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Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

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In the 21st century, software-centric systems are everywhere. From embedded systems (smartphones, automobiles) to healthcare systems to financial systems, software is a central feature of all the systems upon which today's society depends.

To design, develop and maintain increasingly complex software-centric systems, the world needs engineers with an education strongly rooted in the fundamentals of engineering and science who have the application-driven acumen to engineer software systems that are not only safe and secure, but also meet the needs of the modern marketplace. The School of Systems and Enterprises' four-year Software Engineering bachelor's degree program provides students with a rigorous general engineering undergraduate education with depth in software engineering and systems engineering principles.

Students enrolled in the program are taught to analyze, architect, design and develop software as the fundamental component that allows complex systems to function with intelligence, efficiency and resilience. With the pursuit of the bachelor of engineering (B.E.) in Software Engineering, students also have the opportunity to obtain a degree with a concentration in strategic domains such as cybersecurity, financial systems, healthcare systems and sustainable energy. Upon graduating, our students, who are encouraged to participate in the many co-ops, internships and research initiatives with leading companies available to them at Stevens, are equipped to be the technical leaders of tomorrow —leaders who can build complex 21st-century systems in multiple domains.

SSE also offers a minor in software engineering for students who are interested in studying software engineering, but may wish to work toward another major. 

Program Benefits

  • Learn to design, engineer and build software components for complex systems by applying the principles and practices of engineering.

  • Understand all aspects of the software life cycle — from specification through analysis and design, to testing, maintenance, and evaluation of the product.

  • Communicate with engineers of all disciplines in the languages and methods of those engineers.

  • Understand the overall systems context of engineering projects and apply systems thinking in designing solutions that integrate components of different types, such as hardware, software and people.

An ABET Accredited Program

This undergraduate program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

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Headshot of SSE professor Annie Yu

Message From the Director

Dr. Zhongyuan (Annie) Yu, Teaching Associate Professor and Software Engineering Program Director

"The increasing digitization of all aspects of our lives, from communication and entertainment to transportation and healthcare, has led to a growing demand for professionals who can design, develop and maintain software systems that are efficient, reliable and secure.

"The excitement of the Software Engineering program lies in the endless possibilities it offers. It allows you to turn your creative ideas into functional, user-friendly tools and products that can make a real and meaningful impact on people's lives. It gives you the ability to solve complex problems with a logical and structured mindset.

“Our faculty and academic advisors look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your academic and professional pursuits."

Important Info for Software Engineering Students

Software Engineering Program Industry Advisory Board

  • Dr. Phillip A. Laplante — NIST Information Technology Lab and Professor of Software and Systems Engineering, Penn State University

  • Dr. Vijay Saraswat — Head of Data and Insights, Fidelity Investments

  • Dr. Premkumar Devanbu — Computer Science Professor, University of California - Davis

  • Dr. Jon Wade — Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California - San Diego

  • Dr. James Rowland — Former Director of Data Mining and Research, AT&T Labs Research

  • Dr. Thomas A. McDermott — Chief Technology Officer, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

  • Courtney Thaden — Principal Software Engineer and Architect, Collins Aerospace