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School Of Business - Ph.D. Programs

Push the boundaries of knowledge and shape a better future.

The pursuit of a Ph.D. at Stevens empowers individuals to become trailblazers in their chosen fields through the combination of access to the latest technology and the personal attention and mentorship of a faculty advisor. 

 With a rich legacy of academic excellence and a commitment to fostering innovation, Stevens’ Ph.D. programs mix rigorous coursework with hands-on research experiences. Whether you aspire to become an expert in business administration, financial engineering or data science, our programs will challenge you to think critically, conduct independent research, and develop the necessary analytical and problem-solving skills to become a thought leader in your field. 

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10 Minutes to NYC

Located across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Stevens students enjoy all the big city benefits of NYC while being in the intimate setting of Hoboken, NJ. 

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  • Internship Opportunities - Meet hiring managers from every industry.

  • Successful Alumni - Join a network of Stevens grads now working in top-tier companies like Amazon, BlackRock, Deloitte, EY, JP Morgan Chase, and many others. 

  • World-class cultural amenities - Broadway, museums, concerts, fashion, restaurants and endless more that make living here so interesting

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All doctoral students are fully supported by teaching and research assistantships that include competitive stipends, tuition and health benefits. This ensures students have the resources to fully dedicate themselves to their scholarly pursuits.

High-Tech Labs Power Impactful Research

To be a thought leader, you must be an excellent researcher. At Stevens, you'll work with faculty in high-tech labs to prepare you for career success.

A group of students sit in front of computer terminals in the Hanlon Financial Systems LabThe Hanlon Financial Systems Center

The Hanlon Financial Systems Center offers the same technology used by major Wall Street firms. Analyze and visualize large datasets in real-time to make better-informed decision making.


Joining forces with the National Science Foundation and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Stevens has established CRAFT, the Center for Research toward Advancing Financial Technologies. The center dives into research on AI, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, quantum computing, cybersecurity and many other technologies affecting the fintech industry.

artificial intelligence represented by a processor and machine learning 3D illustrationStevens Institute for AI

The Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI) is an interdisciplinary, tech-driven collaboration of engineering, business, systems and design experts working toward solving pressing global problems in industry and the world.

computer illustration of bodyComputational Systems Biology Laboratory

Work at the Computational Systems Biology Lab involves modeling biological systems in the study of complex systems with diverse elements.