Employee Parking

Employees are encouraged to commute to campus by foot, bicycle, public transit, or carpool, in lieu of driving alone.

Employee parking is restricted to valid permit holders during stated operating hours.

Employees may learn more about parking permits by going to the Stevens Hub Transportation and Parking site.

Daily Parking Permits

  • All employees (full-time, part-time, and adjunct) who do not live in Hoboken are eligible to purchase daily parking permits.

  • $10 per day (price is subject to change).

Annual Parking Permits

  • Eligible full-time employees may purchase annual permits, good from September through August. 

  • The parking fee is based on salary and is deducted pre-tax.

  • The parking fee is pro-rated based on when the permit is purchased.

Semester Parking Permits

  • Eligible part-time employees and adjunct faculty may apply for semester parking permits. 

  • An application must be submitted for each semester parking is needed.

  • $150 for fall semester, $150 for spring semester, $100 for summer semester (price is subject to change).

  • The semester parking permit fee is deducted pre-tax.

  • Semester parking permits are not pro-rated.