Bicycles and Scooters

There has never been a better time to ride a bicycle or scooter to Stevens. With enhanced infrastructure, the popularity of Citi Bike, and multiple parking options, Stevens is a great place to be if you want to leave the car at home.

Citi Bike

Citi Bike is the popular bike share program that has thousands of bicycles available across Hoboken, Jersey City, and New York City.

Each fall, Stevens distributes free annual Citi Bike memberships to students and employees. Those interested in joining the waitlist should visit Stevens Commute.

U-Locks for Students

Each fall, Stevens distributes free U-locks to students so they can confidently secure their bicycles and scooters to campus racks. Students interested in joining the waitlist should visit Stevens Commute.

Bicycle Registration

When students and employees bring their bicycles to campus, they are asked to register them with Bike Index.

Bike Index is a universal bicycle registry that improves the odds of recovering stolen or lost bicycles by allowing police departments and other owners to easily search the status of bicycles to determine if they are, in fact, stolen or lost.

Students and employees looking to register their bicycles should visit Stevens Commute.


There are many places for students and employees to park their bicycles and scooters at Stevens. Babbio Center Garage has covered racks that hold up to 60 bicycles or scooters and there are racks next to most campus buildings.