Electric Vehicles

If you must drive to Stevens, it is better if you do so in an electric vehicle (EV).

Stevens has 9 EV Level 2 charging stations. There are 5 in the Babbio Center Garage and 4 in the Howe Center Lot.

Stevens offers the free use of EV charging stations as a pilot program. The program is subject to change. Fees to use the stations may be added at a later date. EV charging station spaces may be closed for maintenance, construction, and special event parking without notice. 

The Stevens campus map shows all parking facilities. 

EV Charging Guidelines

  • EV charging station spaces are available to students, employees, and visitors on a first-come, first-served basis during open hours of the parking facilities.

  • Only drivers with valid Stevens parking permits may use the charging stations.

  • Parking in EV charging station spaces is restricted to vehicles plugged in for charging.

  • When the charging session is complete, unplug your vehicle and move it to a standard parking space.

  • There is a 4-hour charging limit; drivers must move their vehicles at the conclusion of the 4 hours even if charging is not complete.

  • Do not charge if you do not need to.  Leave the space free for another EV driver who needs to charge their vehicle.

  • Wind the charging cord neatly and place it back on the charger.