Stevens’ Strategic plan, Inspired by Humanity, Powered by Technology, positions diversity, equity and inclusion as a core institutional value and a strategic goal.  Stevens will amplify efforts to attract and retain an outstanding community of faculty, staff and students from diverse backgrounds and cultivate a supportive, inclusive learning and working environment that contributes to a technologically proficient workforce.

We aim to foster a vibrant, supportive, and sustainable culture where students, faculty, staff and alumni from all backgrounds engage in ongoing activities that strongly connect them to the university and where all constituencies are mutually committed to helping each other achieve their full potential to advance Stevens' mission. 

In the Office of the President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) provides guidance and resources related to institutional policy, inclusive practices and fostering a vibrant and engaging university culture. At Stevens, we work toward these goals within each of our units, but key initiatives and programs are led by specific offices.