University Relations Teams

In University Relations, creativity, strategy and storytelling converge to elevate the Stevens brand and amplify the university's message.

Behind every captivating campaign, engaging content, and compelling communication, there is a group of talented individuals who form the backbone of our marketing and communications efforts.

From seasoned marketing professionals to skilled content creators, digital strategists, graphic designers and communications specialists, our team is driven by a shared passion for connecting with audiences and making a lasting impact.

University Relations Teams

The Office of Corporate, Government and Community Relations

The Office of Corporate, Government and Community Relations is focused on facilitating strategic and mutually beneficial collaborations with industry partners, government collaborators at the local, state and federal levels and strengthening ties between Stevens and the Hoboken community.

Through this office, corporations and businesses interested in collaborating with Stevens have a single point of contact through which engagement in research, corporate education, recruiting, philanthropy and more can be explored. The office also monitors legislative activity at the state and federal level and works with internal and external stakeholders to manage and comply with new and proposed regulations and legislation. It represents the interests of Stevens at government and industry convenings and is a central coordinator and participant in the response to large-scale state and federal grant opportunities that require significant collaboration across academia, government and industry.

Finally, the Office of Corporate, Government and Community Relations works closely with partners in the Division of University Relations to increase the awareness of Stevens expertise and successes with key corporate, government and community stakeholders.


Marketing Team

The marketing team of University Relations plays a vital role in the university's overall outreach and engagement efforts. The team's multifaceted capabilities enable it to develop and execute strategic marketing campaigns that promote the Stevens brand and enhance its reputation with the primary goal of building awareness for the university and its colleges, departments and programs.

Through diligent market research and data analysis, the Marketing Team gathers valuable insights and data that inform marketing strategies and campaigns. This enables it to understand the university's target audiences better and tailor messaging and outreach accordingly. By staying abreast of market trends and preferences, we can effectively position Stevens Institute of Technology as a leading educational institution.

Working closely with other departments across the university, the Marketing Team ensures that our marketing efforts are consistent and aligned with our mission and goals. Collaboration with external partners further enhances our capabilities, allowing us to develop and implement targeted campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. Prospective students, alumni, and the broader community receive tailored messages highlighting Stevens' unique strengths and opportunities.

Operations Team

The University Relations Operations team manages administrative, financial and HR processes for the division which encompass communications and marketing; government, corporate and community relations; and presidential initiatives. Operations support includes financial planning, budgeting and monitoring; project scheduling and management; talent recruitment and other human resources needs; and administrative support for UR staff, initiatives, presentations and events.

 The Operations team works cross-functionally with many other offices at Stevens, most notably the Office of the President, but also the divisions of Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities and Campus Operations, and Development and Alumni Engagement. The team develops and supports strategies, initiatives and policies that ensure the division runs smoothly and effectively.

Strategic Communications and Public Relations

The Strategic Communication and Public Relations team helps shape Stevens’ reputation and impact through all communications channels and advances key institutional priorities as outlined in our strategic plan, Stevens 2032: Inspired by Humanity, Powered by Technology™. We collaborate with communications partners within the Division of University Relations and across the university to engage audiences from prospective students to alumni and beyond, and work with the media to amplify Stevens’ impact on the world stage.   

Strategic Initiatives and Brand Management Team

A university brand reflects and shapes the ethos of the institution. It also allows for consistent presentation to the public, an essential component of Stevens' public profile and prestige. 

The Strategic Initiatives and Brand Management Team defines and maintains the graphic standards that help refine and project our brand to the public. The core role of the brand management team is to build and maintain a strong brand presence that aligns with the university's business objectives and values. 

Branding Services 

 The brand team: 

  • Develops branded presentations, products and communications to meet university objectives 

  • Works with campus partners on the production of promotional materials related to institutional reputation, student recruitment and alumni engagement 

  • Provides a brand review service to aid campus partners in achieving brand consistency 

  • Answers questions related to the overall Stevens brand (how to use logo and typography lockups, when to use certain images, brand gestures, typefaces or colors, etc.)  

  • Consults with those who require staff training on how to use the brand to achieve a consistent presentation of the university and its schools and units 

  • Recommends vendors for promotional materials 

  • Recommends marketing suppliers/vendors for printing of swag/promo items 

The team also produces the Stevens Indicator, the university’s biannual magazine. Questions and recommendations for the Indicator staff can be sent to [email protected]  

Web and Digital Strategy Team

The Web and Digital Strategy Team is a critical component of University Relations, responsible for shaping and executing a comprehensive approach to maximize the university's online presence and digital capabilities. This team combines strategic thinking, technical expertise, and design savvy to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

The core function of the team is to develop and refine a long-term digital strategy that aligns with the university's strategic goals. This strategy encompasses website development, analytics, social media, content creation, marketing, SEO, and more.

Additionally, the team designs website improvements, information architecture, and usability testing to enhance the user experience of and other digital properties. The team collaborates frequently with marketing, content, and academic units to ensure that digital strategies align with overall university objectives.