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Business Online Programs

Go online and watch your career take off. 

One of the most important characteristics of successful business leaders is the continuous pursuit of knowledge to improve themselves and their organizations. The everyday responsibilities of working professionals can make that a difficult path to walk, but the Stevens School of Business online graduate programs are specifically designed to put your best foot forward. 

The Stevens online experience leverages the latest technology to give students the opportunity to engage with experienced faculty and collaborate with a diverse community of students from around the world. This immersive online learning experience ensures that you receive the same high-quality education that our on-campus students enjoy.  

Here’s how the Stevens experience stands out.

Work-friendly scheduling

Courses run on a modified academic calendar, to better accommodate tuition assistance requirements. Classes meet the same night each week to help busy professionals manage their time effectively. Working professionals (part-time online students) do not need to submit GMAT or GRE test scores as part of the application process.

Network development

Attending online classes doesn’t mean compromising on your network. At Stevens, virtual collaboration and group projects ensure you build a strong virtual network of ambitious professionals in a range of industries. Virtual happy hours and meetups are a key part of the online experience.

Same faculty, same degree

As an online student, you take the same classes, with the same faculty, that teach our on-campus programs. Because it’s the same program, you get your degree from Stevens, with no reference to online. What's more, it's easy to take a class or two on campus, or switch to fully on-campus, anytime you like.

Immediately applicable

As a business school in an engineering university, our faculty know how to challenge you to apply technical concepts to real business problems. Classes also encourage you to bring challenges from your workplace to the discussion.

The School of Business also offers a number of other benefits to online students, including:

  • Career development services from our dedicated professional development team.

  • Participation in skill enrichment workshops and bootcamps on topics like coding, technical writing, presentations and public speaking.

  • Software licenses for analytical, programming and visualization tools, to enhance your technical upskilling. 

  • Invitations to virtually attend on-campus events, in real time, such as job fairs and guest lectures.

  • Virtual network development opportunities with your professors and classmates, as well as alumni.

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The Stevens' Online Financial Engineering Degree

Today’s constantly evolving business world, and the technological innovations driving the digital economy, have made it imperative for professionals to continually invest in their most important asset—themselves. Things move quickly and the broader the knowledge base, the more opportunity there is for career growth and advancement.