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Financial Analytics Certificate

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The Financial Analytics certificate provides students with an array of statistical learning methods and database skills, preparing them to create specific tools to manage enterprise-level challenges, and includes heavy emphasis on optimization of financial data visualization techniques. The program was co-developed with Accenture, ensuring the skills taught in classes reflect the most in-demand techniques in the workplace. A hallmark of the program is its emphasis on practical education, which empowers graduates to apply what they've learned in solving real problems at work.

This certificate is ideal for finance professionals who wish to improve their skills in this rapidly developing field, as well as traditional financial engineers, quantitative analysts and others who wish to broaden their horizons from the traditional banking and capital markets disciplines.

Through completion of this program, students will master the following skills: 

  • Address data quality, composition, extraction, storage and retrieval issues.

  • Apply analytical methods, including statistical learning methods and data mining techniques, to solve problems in the finance discipline.

  • Organize and execute end-to-end business analytics solutions at the enterprise level.

  • Communicate and analyze data and insights through financial data visualization.