STEM MBA leverages Analytics and Big Data

Technology is constantly evolving. Being an effective business leader means confidently leveraging the latest technologies while guiding diverse, cross-functional teams. A STEM-designated MBA from Stevens is a smart way to gain those skills and stand out to employers across industries. Jumping from a bachelor’s degree to an MBA can boost your earning power by 77%. Reach your potential with a tech-focused STEM-designated MBA. 

What is a STEM MBA? 

What is a STEM MBASTEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In 2016, the federal government created the STEM-designated degree program to address the shortage of qualified workers in STEM fields that are estimated to grow more than a million jobs by 2024. Stevens’ STEM-designated MBA programs will turn you into a critical thinker who makes better decisions thanks to a thorough understanding of technology. 

The concentrations for the MBA program at Stevens have recently been designated as STEM programs. Leveraging the school’s expertise in Analytics and Big Data, the concentrations are:

  • Information Systems 

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics 

  • Finance 

  • Financial Engineering 

  • Financial Analytics 

  • Project Management 

  • Sustainability Management

100% Employment 

100% of MBA graduates in the Class of 2022 accepted job offers within three months of graduating from Stevens.* 

*Based on data from 82% of the 2021-2022 full-time program graduates. 

All Students Can Benefit

International students can benefit from an extension to Optional Practical Training (OPT).  

A STEM-designated program allows students from outside of the U.S. to be eligible for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training (OPT). 

When it comes to landing a US job as an international student, this OPT extension can make an important difference to employers. Not only do employers not have to sponsor OPT hires (as opposed to H-1B hires), but companies may be more likely to bring on an OPT hire with the prospect of three years of eligibility versus just the 12 months of non-STEM grads. 

All students can benefit from Stevens’ STEM MBA. The value proposition of a STEM MBA on your resume is incredibly high as it signals your strength in data-driven decision making, something that employers value tremendously. A recent report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce ranked a bachelor’s degree from the School of Business (SSB) at Stevens Institute of Technology No. 12 in the nation — and highest in New Jersey — for economic return, while a master’s from SSB ranked at No. 14. This was out of more than 1700 schools nationally, placing Stevens in the top 1% of all business programs in the country.  

Stevens faculty have worked closely with industry executives to incorporate the latest in-demand skills into the curricula. We often hear from alumni in fintech, consulting, tech, marketing, and more who are grateful for the depth of exposure they had within our technology-focused business degrees.  

"Stevens is among the top business schools delivering exceptional value to students," said Dean Gregory Prastacos. "Every day, we prepare students to be leaders in this era of digital change by providing a rigorous academic program coupled with a good understanding of technology, multiple opportunities for experiential learning and individual attention in both curriculum advising and career planning." 

Take the first step toward your STEM MBA 

Reach your potential with a tech-focused STEM-designated MBA and boost your earning power by as much as 77%. Stevens’ STEM-designated MBA program is perfect for business school candidates who envision themselves leading tech and data-driven teams in dynamic business environments. For international candidates who’d like to work in the United States after graduating, there’s an added bonus in the OPT extension at STEM-designated programs, making you eligible for three years of work without company sponsorship. 

Are you ready to take your first steps toward your STEM MBA? Contact our program director Brian Rothschild at [email protected], or explore our programs on the website