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SSE Students to Showcase Engineering Ingenuity at Stevens Innovation Expo 2021

Graduating seniors within the SSE will add impact to the Stevens Innovation Expo 2021 programming on April 30.

On April 30, graduating seniors within the School of Systems & Enterprises (SSE) will present Senior Design projects at the Stevens Innovation Expo 2021 that, in the spirit of the school’s systems-based approaches to problem solving, propose software engineering- and engineering management-driven solutions to modern issues.

SSE Senior Design projects in the software engineering domain include The Gaiters, Trendease Secure Net, Pare and LilyPad Smart Journaling. SSE engineering management capstones to be detailed during the hybrid event span SmartPort, Moment and ACRP Design Competition: Planning & Management. The Senior Design projects touch on a variety of topical areas with high relevance to contemporary 21st century concerns, logistics, and lifestyle.

The SSE commends the Class of 2021 for its inventiveness and encourages fellow SSE students, as well as faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends of the university, to attend the virtual Stevens Innovation Expo 2021. Further information on the expo, including how to attend, is available on the event page

Learn more about the SSE Senior Design projects to be presented at the expo:

The Gaiters (software engineering): Student team members Kyle McShea, Jack Nonnenmacher, Dominic Ortiz, Miriam Podkolzin and Connor Smith stand behind The Gaiters, an initiative that creates real-time metrics illustrative of how closely COVID-19 social distancing guidelines are being followed at college campuses, restaurants, bars, gyms, and other traditionally high-traffic business areas. 

Advisor: Gregg Vesonder

View The Gaiters' abstract.

Trendease Secure Net (software engineering): Student team members Allen Best Jr., Liam Brew, Alẽjandro Garcia, Robert Schaedler III and Aaron Vo Dewey will discuss Trendease Secure Net, a platform that provides homes with comprehensive network security coverage at a fraction of the cost and complexity of competing solutions while protecting remote workers and learners from threats such as bandwidth throttling and malware. 

Advisor: Gregg Vesonder

View Trendease Secure Net’s abstract.

Pare (software engineering): Student team members Michael Delcid, Micheal Fahim, Gianna Miggins and Bruno Salgado seek to provide New York City middle to upper-middle class members between the ages of 21 and 30 years with personalized bar and restaurant recommendations starting in Greenwich Village via the interactive web application Pare. 

Advisor: Gregg Vesonder

View Pare’s abstract.

LilyPad Smart Journaling (software engineering): Student team members Erik Buczek, Hayden Daly, Brittany DiFede, John McFarren, Scott Murray, Olivia Powers and Angelina Zaccaria address the insufficiency of supplemental mental health resources amid COVID-19-induced disruptions to the mental healthcare system with LilyPad Smart Journaling.

Advisor: Gregg Vesonder

View LilyPad Smart Journaling’s abstract.

SmartPort (engineering management): Student team members Adam Corby, Viviane Farnung, Austin Kruger, Thomas Paulich and Juliet Yeomans take aim at the airport inefficiencies commonly responsible for delays via SmartPort, a models, stimulations and reports-driven toolkit that equips airports with the insights necessary to identify and remediate bottlenecks, among other deficiencies. 

Advisor: Eirik Hole

View SmartPort’s abstract.

Moment (engineering management): Student team members Juan Araque, Johnny Aza Jr., George Ibuna Jr., Jaeanne Vicencio and Andrew Yager present Moment, an application that makes use of machine learning to enable families, friends and other loved ones to connect not only by sharing feelings but also by intimately understanding the context of these feelings.

Advisors: Eirik Hole, Ankit La

View Moment’s abstract.

ACRP Design Competition: Planning & Management (engineering management): Student team members E’Nigel Ansah, Victoria Czochanski, Trevor Kiessling, Erica O’Kelly, Makenna Sargia and Kaylee Shepard present an innovative solution to personal vehicle parking and traffic congestion within airport parking sites consisting of three major subsystems: the traffic monitoring system, the smart parking garage and the mobile application.

Advisor: Eirik Hole

View ACRP Design Competition’s abstract.