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U.S. News Rankings: School of Business Is 11th in the Nation Among Corporate Recruiters

Cutting-Edge Curricula and a Blend of Business and Tech Skills Impress Hiring Managers

If you’re struggling to choose the right graduate school, one question to ask is what hiring managers think of the business schools you’re considering. After all, recruiters meet students from countless schools and quickly get a sense of which graduates are poised to create immediate impact at work. 

A recruiter and Stevens student speak at a conference table.A recruiter from Equinox, right, interviews a Stevens graduate business student during a recent on-campus career event.

Those recruiters clearly have a very high opinion of business programs at Stevens Institute of Technology. 

In its 2020 Best Grad Schools rankings, U.S. News & World Report rated Stevens No. 11 in the country in its corporate recruiter category — a testament to how closely faculty at the School of Business work with industry leaders in financial services, technology, media, healthcare and beyond. The category is based entirely on surveys of recruiters and managers in industry.

The rankings again include Stevens among the top 100 business schools in the nation, at No. 83 overall. 

Graduate business curricula at Stevens are kept current through industry-active faculty, boards of advisors drawn from the business world and feedback from students, who regularly secure internships and jobs at some of the most desirable companies in the New York City area. 

Headshot of the dean.Dr. Gregory Prastacos.

“Whether it is teaching basic programming skills to MBA students or tackling advanced machine learning applications to business in other programs, Stevens puts special emphasis on the technologies that smart leaders are using to create advantages in the market,” said Dr. Gregory Prastacos, dean of the School of Business. “Recruiters find it easy to visit our campus, thanks to our location, and are always eager to talk to our students to better understand how their unique skills translate to immediate value.”

Melanie Murphy, vice president of consumer analytics for Bed Bath & Beyond, has hired several Stevens graduates while bringing on a handful as interns, and said the graduate curricula offer a powerful combination for new hires. 

“There’s so much to the curriculum here — there’s data, there’s analytics, there’s the machine learning, the visualization layer,” said Murphy, who recruits students out of the Business Intelligence & Analytics program. “Having all of that gives me more confidence about what these students can accomplish when they’re hired.”

And the core skills in a Stevens business education are designed to be relevant in the long term. 

“When it comes to the technology component, you have to do more than just teach the latest tools, which could be outdated in just a few years,” said Dr. Michael zur Muehlen, associate dean of graduate business programs. “Here, we also emphasize critical thinking and creative applications of these tools, which prepare students to quickly grasp new technologies and assess their worth in helping the organization seek competitive advantage.” 

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