Data science has become the ultimate driver of competitive advantage. But few leaders understand the potential of A.I., deep learning and predictive analytics as engines of the enterprise.

The Business Intelligence & Analytics master's program provides a blend of analytical and professional skills to help you become the kind of manager who challenges assumptions and uses data to make evidence-based decisions. At Stevens, you'll master new tools that will help you refine products, services and strategies while setting the pace for your company in markets undergoing constant, technology-driven change.

“Companies are looking for people who can use analytics to interpret the data, but they also need business acumen — and in this program, they get both.”

Rochelle Lostumbo, business unit executive, IBM

The curriculum covers the concepts at the forefront of the data revolution — machine learning, language processing, web mining, optimization and risk. Classes explore key business concepts while going beyond basics in R, SAS, Hadoop, Python and Sparc. The program culminates in a capstone experience in which you'll work on a project, using real data, under the guidance of an industry mentor. 

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Graduates of the Business Intelligence & Analytics program bring a blend of business and data science skills to a variety of industries — technology, finance, telecommunications and beyond.

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