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Transforming Business Through Cybersecurity

Bonnie M. Netschert Ph.D. ’08 may be most widely known for her oft-cited 2008 publication, “Security Readiness and Compliance Legislation in the Healthcare Industry,” but Fortune 100 companies are more likely to draw on her expertise in cybersecurity as a path to transforming their businesses.

Bonnie M. Netschert Ph.D. ’08 already had several years of experience as a Systems Engineer at Verizon when she decided to pursue graduate school. “Naturally, I considered colleges that were well known in technology and engineering,” she says. “Stevens had a close relationship with Verizon, which is why I decided to study there.”

Netschert began her Verizon career in product development/management. Over the course of two decades, her roles with the corporation included Sales Engineering Manager – Security, Managed Services and Data CPE for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Inc., Manager – Enterprise, Government, Education and Healthcare Sales, Manager – Verizon Partner Program, and Cybersecurity Product Manager.

Netschert’s success in developing and launching Verizon’s artificial-intelligence cybersecurity solutions has earned her high regard for her ability to achieve corporate objectives. She is a sought-after expert in security product management, professional services management, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and HIPAA-based security compliance, business development, direct sales engineering management, indirect sales channel management and direct sales engineering management.

“I have had the opportunity to develop businesses within Fortune 100 companies to achieve revenue growth,” she says. “I believe that building solid relationships, making sound business decisions and teamwork have proven results in solving complex client challenges and achieving desired business outcomes. As a cybersecurity and risk management professional, I am passionate and committed to helping businesses respond to emerging cyber threats to protect essential business data.”

Her passion and commitment lead to extraordinary and tangible results, including executing strategic plans that resulted in closing 50% of new opportunities for major client accounts and sales funnel growth up to 440% for security sales. “I have worked across all stakeholder groups from sales through senior executives,” Netschert says, noting that her drive to meet organizations’ strategic and financial goals has resulted in her receiving numerous corporate awards. She has been recognized by the Society for the Advancement of Management as well.

Netschert also points to her Stevens education as an important contributor to her development as a thought leader in her field. “Stevens equipped me with the knowledge and ability to execute strategic plans resulting in significant business transformation,” she says. Her dissertation, “Security Readiness and Compliance Legislation in the Healthcare Industry,” is often cited for its gap analysis and compliance assessments, a framework that results in a 50% decrease in time allocation and cost incurred by healthcare providers. By lowering security compliance costs and meeting industry regulations, healthcare providers can reallocate budgets towards improving the quality of patient care.

Walking across the stage to receive her Ph.D. degree was one of Netschert’s proudest moments. “I had my family by my side,” she recalls, “including my father, Edward Raymond Muchmore, who graduated from Stevens in 1951 with a degree in mechanical engineering.”

“The growth of Stevens since 2008 has been exciting to watch,” Netschert continues. “I had no doubt, however, that Stevens would continue to advance in its technology curriculum. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the LeadHERship Conference and was amazed to see the two new buildings on campus, as well as other campus improvements. And yet, it’s also nice to see that Stevens is maintaining its rich history through its older buildings.”

Netschert balances her career as a cybersecurity and business visionary with two feet planted firmly in the community. For example, over a five-year period she helped to lead the development of a local schoolyard into a fully productive donation garden. She is quick to tell you that “serving others is truly a rewarding experience.” 

Her generosity springs from deep gratitude – a sensibility she encourages today’s Stevens students to share. “Be honored that you have the opportunity to attend such a prestigious college,” she reminds them. “Working hard to earn a good grade is not the only reason you are at Stevens. You are here for the tremendous learning and skills that you’re developing in order to lead in whatever path you choose and to build the discipline that will be a part of you throughout your professional career and personal life.”

“At Stevens, I was the recipient of great advice and support to keep my Ph.D. dissertation on track,” she says, “and now I give back to Stevens students who are pursuing their doctorate degrees. Earning a Ph.D. is truly a test of tenacity, but if you have passion for a selected topic and are looking to make an impact and contribute to a body of knowledge, it is well worth the work required.” 

Although Netschert grapples daily with the ever-shifting complexities of the cybersecurity and compliance fields on a large scale, her guiding principles are simple and straightforward. “Work hard,” she counsels. “Stay strong, remain humble, and remember to serve others who are less fortunate than you.”